Arknights: It was a Treat! Halloween Event Confirmed!

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Happy Halloween!

Arknights Halloween KR

KR Source, JP Source

UPDATE: The Halloween Event has now been confirmed for EN as well.  It is being run as a 3,000,000 Downloads campaign. Also listed is a "Full Access Supplies and Chips" Event running from April 8th - April 15th.  There has still been no mention of the Halloween purchasable Skins and Furniture Theme.


It appears that Halloween will be coming early this year for Arknights!  JP and KR have both officially announced the Halloween Sign-In events will be coming on April 1st, as datamine images indicated earlier this week.  Also found by that same dataminer were images appearing to indicate that the purchasable skins and furniture theme would also be coming, which seems plausible at this point.

Some players believe that this could be an April Fools joke, based on the April 1st date.  Others are saying this is an indication that Yostar plans to have Global caught up by Halloween of this year, and that CN and global will share this year's Halloween Event.  

EN has not had an official announcement, but to-date it has always followed JP and KR, so there is no reason to believe that it will diverge... until it does. :)

Here are the Sign In rewards for the campaign:

Day 1 2
Day 2 30
Day 3 5 300
Day 4 20 30000
Day 5 2
Day 6 1 1
Day 7 1 1
Other Halloween Items

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