Arknights: JP Livestream Announced For October 15! Is [Under Tides] Coming?

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

JP Livestream Announced For October 15! Is [Under Tides] Coming?

A JP Livestream has been announced for October 15th.  Historically, Livestreams have been done to announce major events, and the next one up for global considering the CN Order would be [Under Tides]  which featured the [Deep Drown Lament] banner that featured Kal'tsit and limited Operator Skadi The Corrupting Heart.  The CN livestream summary for this event can be found here.  Whatever is announced, the current [Walk In The Dust] event ends on October 14, and the Livestream isn't until October 15. Based on the past Livestreams we've had, we can guess that whatever event is announced will arrive 7-8 days after the livestream, so if they follow the past patterns we can expect the announced event to arrive somewhere around October 22, leaving around a one week gap between the current event and the next.

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What Will Be Announced On the Oct 15 JP Livestream?

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