Arknights: The New [Code of Brawl] Furniture Theme and Skins Confirmed!

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Penguin House, Badass Firewatch, and Psycho Jessica!

The [Penguin Logistics Safehouse] Furniture theme, and the new Vitafield Rewilder Skins for Firewatch and Jessica have now been confirmed by official media accounts.  This is very much expected, as they were released as part of the Code of Brawl event, which was teased a few days ago.  Here is some relevant information about the Furniture Theme and Skins:

  • This is an Event-Limited Theme, obtained partially through the Event Store, and partially through purchases from the Furniture Store.
  • Total Theme Ambience: 5000
  • Total Cost for Theme Furniture from the Store: 3,500 Furniture Parts
  • Ambience/Furniture Parts: 1.43
  • Cost: 18 Originite Prime
  • Cost: 15 Originite Prime

For more information about the Code of Brawl event, see the Event page here:

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