Arknights: New Features Coming With the [Children of Ursus Event] - Path To Glory, Intelligence, and Fashion Gallery!

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

In With The New!

Several new features will be added withe the [Children of Ursus] content patch to improve player experience and quality-of-life.  We already touched on the  RIIC Base improvement in an earlier article here:

There are three other major additions that will be coming as well:

Path To Glory Medal/Achievement System

An achievement system will be added that award Medals that can be displayed on your Friend/Support page.  There will be general account Medals, and also event-specific ones.  Currently, there are only 2 achievement that award something other than a cosmetic medal, and those are the recruitment achievements that also reward a selector permit for Vulcan or Indra, the two rare 5 Star recruit-only Operators.

Path To Glory

The full list of current Achievements and Medals can be found on our Path to Glory page here:

[Intelligence] Story Viewers: and [Public Affairs] and [Special Operation]

Two new sections will allow players to re-live past story events.  [Public Affairs] allows you to view stories you've unlocked in past story events.  [Special Operation] allows you to unlock and view side-stories, such as those from events like [Operation Intelligence] and [Ancient Forge].


Fashion Gallery

Previously released skins will be viewable in a new section of the Archives.


For info on future Skins, prices, and obtain methods, see our Skin List:

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