Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - [Quercus] Talents, Skills, Art, GIFs.

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Translation Credits: Jetroyz and Lauli


"Hello, Doctor, you can call me Quercus. Although this is our first meeting, those Victoria Intel you have on your desk were sent by me... Hey, even you're going to say that the format isn't standard?"


"Eh, really? Quercus sis is back this afternoon? Does that mean I can finally have my handmade tree berry jam?"

"Mm, the medical department is already preparing the equipment. The Intel is reliable. I asked her to bring me some flower seeds, hopefully they live."

"Wanna bet what gifts she'll bring this time?"

"No, I've never recognized anything she brought back anyway."

"Say, have you ever deployed with her? No?"

"Yeah, she always went alone."

"I heard she does sales for Closure, making money for Rhodes Island."

"The version I heard is that she was one of the plant providers for Rhodes Island, before we bought her source."

"But everyone says she has been in Rhodes Island since a long time ago."


Illustrator: YUJI

CV: Asami Takano


Quercus is a 5★ Supporter [Buffer / Abjurer] who gives allies SP and the Shelter buff.

Talents and Skills

Archetype: Supporter [Buffer / Abjurer]

Trait: Deals Arts Damage, when skill is active, changes to healing allies (heal amount is equal to 75% ATK).

Talent 1: Allies within Attack Range gain [Shelter] when above a certain HP percentage

Skill 1 Increase ATK. Infinite duration, skill can be deactivated at any time


Skill 2: Increase ASPD, every heal grants 1 SP to the target


First Impressions

Note: These are first impressions and based on conjecture since we don’t know the exact details. 

Quercus will be the third [Buffer / Abjurer] Supporter, the other two being Tsukinogi and Nine-Colored Deer, with all three having a 5 Star rarity.  All three provide the [Shelter] buff with their Talent, but where Quercus is notably different is that she applies the buff to allies with HP above a certain percentage, rather than below.  A major problem with Shelter applying when below an HP threshold is that it doesn't do anything for OHKO, and healing an injured operator makes them lose the buff.  Quercus' Talent will be much easier to consistently apply, since it will take effect before the Operator takes damage (e.g. on first-hits), and will be activated by healing support.  On the flip side, her supported allies will become more vulnerable if they are taking damage and can't be kept above the threshold, so high it is may be significant.

S1 will enable her to more easily play a permanent healing role, or to swap between them.  How easily she can swap will depend on the skill charge time.  S2 appears to be the more interesting Skill, since SP battery utility can be extremely useful, especially for Operators in the healing role.  How good this skill is will likely depend on its uptime.  Another thing to keep in mind, is that SP is gained by Operators she heals, meaning they have to be taking damage to get a heal (and thus the SP).  This means, in most standard situations, the SP will be given primarily to blocking units, and won't be effective at charging skills in between enemy waves.

Other Art and GIFs


Full E2 Art

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