Arknights: New RIIC Effect [Ursus Specialty Beverage] and [Intelligence Reserve] Explained!

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

I can BEARly stop myself from drinking

The R6 Collab not only brought English voices to Arknights, it also brought 2 new RIIC Base Skill Effect:  [Intelligence Reserve] and [Ursus Specialty Beverage].

Ash is the Operator that produces [Intelligence Reserve]

Here is the relevant Skill:

[Intelligence Reserve]

Thus, the number of Intelligence reserve produced can be between 1 and 4 depending on how many of the R6 Operators are assigned to the Control Center with Ash.

[Ursus Specialty Drink] is produced by Tachanka.  Here is the base skill:


Thus, the number of [Ursus Specialty Drink] can be between 0 and 4 depending on how many of the Ursus Student union are stationed with Tachanka in the Control Center

Here are the members of the Ursus Student Untion:

The R6 Operators Blitz and Frost are the ones that use these new effects.

Here is the Blitz skill:


When Blitz is assigned to the HR Office, he gains +5% for each [Ursus Specialty Beverage] or [Intellegence Reserve].  The maximum possible bonus he can get is +45% if Ash + Tachanka + (3 others among Frost and the Ursus Student Untion Operators) are in the Control Center, as this would create a total of 5 combined  [Ursus Specialty Beverage] and [Intellegence Reserve].  45% is indeed a very high rate that few can match, but this combination requires all CC slots to be filled and leaves no room for the Trading Post buff provided by Amiya and Swire, the latter being preferable.  If you keep the Trading Post buff in the Center, then the maximum Blitz buff is 40%.  This is certainly not bad, but there are better and plenty of equal options, so most players will find better use for him in the Control Center along with any other R6.

Here is Frost's Base Skill:

Frost Base Skill

When Frost is assigned to the Workshop, she gains +5% byproduct for each [Intellegence Reserve] or +15% from 4 [Ursus Specialty Beverage]s. Thus, the maximum increase from the named effects is 15%, either if all R6 other than Frost or Tachanka + 4 Ursus Students are assigned to the Control Center. Added to the base amount, this makes her maximum byproduct rate 65%.  Since there are very easily accessible Operators that can provide higher bonuses (like Catabpult), this is not a very good base skill.

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