Arknights: OST and Video Release - Spring With Nightingale and Myrrh

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Spring With Nightingale and Myrrh

Arknights OST Spring

A new calming and uplifting OST has been released.  Here is a video of the song, accompanied by Nightingale and Myrrh.

Weibo Video Link

The following is a Google translation:

Siren Records-MSR specially invited music producer Yokoyama to bring the first greetings of spring. The official track has been launched on the NetEase Cloud Music ACG Zone (# YYYACG #) on April 3, 2020

[Album introduction]

With the germination of the material, it expands to the warmth of the early song.

"Spring Strings", all things grow, clear and bright.

May it praise her. Like blossom, like spring.

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