Arknights PSA: Should You Use Your Sanity Pots Today?

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Maximum Potage

The current Lucky Drop Campaign that provides a chance to drop Rhodes Island Supplies and Emergency Sanity Samplers will end in less than 24 hours, at 03:59(UTC-7). The question some of us might be asking ourselves is:

Should I spend all of my Sanity Pots today before the Lucky Drop ends?  Or should I save them?

in my opinion: use them.  The next event, which was announced today, does not have any drop bonuses or additional stages.  All of your current Sanity Pots expire no later than July 26th, and the next event runs until July 29, so there is no reason to save them.  There is always a possibility that they will add some kind of drop bonus before the 26th, but it seems very unlikely.  So in my opinion, its best to use all those Pots today to get the potential sanity and materials.  Get to farming.

  • If you aren't sure what to farm, or if you want to make 100% sure you maximize potential efficiency, farm 1-7 (more details in article below)
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