Arknights: [Purestream] Coming Soon!

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

[Purestream] Coming Soon!

Special Thanks: Salieri AS

The following image showing a pack for sale with the Operator [Purestream] has been found in the data for JP, KR, and EN!  70% of the product price will go to WWF, which is an independent organization dedicated to the conservation of nature


Purestrem is a Wide-Range Medic specializing in Status Resistance. She was originally released on CN as part of a for-purchase pack as well, and was just recently added to the Recruitment pool.

There will also be another fundraising pack as shown below.  The contents will likely be the same as they were on CN, which can be seen here


The Cliffheart Skin that came with the CN event as part of a login-reward campaign will also be coming!

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