Arknights: Rosmontis Base Skills and [Perception Information] Explained!

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Arknights: Rosmontis Base Skill and [Perception Information] Explained!

Rosmontis' Base Skills include 2 named effects that are not common among Operators: [Perception Information] and [Chain of Thought].  Here are her Base Skills:


To sum it up, Rosmontis turns 1 [Perception Information] (PI) into 1 [Chain of Thought] (CoT), which is then turned into a Factory productivity bonus: 1 [CoT] -> 1% bonus at E2 and 2 [CoT] -> 1% at lower promotion levels.  Thus, the [CoT] can basically be ignored, and, at E2 (we'll assume our Rosi to be at E2 for the rest of this article), we can consider 1 [PI] to equal +1% Factory Bonus.

Sources of [Pereception Information]


Rosmontis herself has the [Extrasensory] Skill that provide 1 [PI] for every operator assigned to a Dormitory, so +5 and +5% for each full dormitory.  Thus, if the player has 4 dormitories she'll have a +20% bonus.


Here are Whisperain's Base Skills:


To sum it up, an E2 Whisperain creates [Memory Fragment]s (MF) depending on how many additional recruit slots have been unlocked, and then converts them to [PI] at a 1:1 ratio.  Since two Recruit slots are available by default, she'll produce +10 [MF] and [PI] when 1 additional slot is unlocked (3 available total) and +20 [MF] and [PI] if 2 additional slots are unlocked (4 available total).  Thus, she can add +10% or +20% to Rosmontis' Factory productivity buff.

Is this worth it?

Maybe, but maybe not. Whisperain has a much lower HR Search speed than the best HR Operators available.  thus, with Whisperain in the HR Office, search speed will be lower than optimal, which means less Tag refreshes, which means less chances to turn 3 Star tags into guaranteed 4 Star or above Tags, which means less Green/Yellow Certs (not to mention potential Top Ops!). It is difficult to quantify this and compare it to the +20% factory buff, but the math here says not worth it.


Here is her relevant Base Skill:


Pretty straightforward here: when Dusk's morale is above 12 she creates +10 [PI] and so +10% Factory Bonus for Rosmontis.  Unfortunately, her morale consumptions is increased as well, so she won't be able to produce the [PI] for as long as you might like.  Still, there are no downsides to using Dusk in the Control Center, especially if she's E2, so if you have both it will likely be worthwhile to put them to work together.


Here is Iris' relevant Base Skill:


Iris will give +1 [Dreamland] for every level of the Dormitory she is in, and +1 [PI] for every +1 [Dreamland].  Maximum dormitory level is 5, so the maximum [PI] is 5, and the maximum increase to Rosmontis' Factory buff is +5%. If you are using Rosmontis in the Factory, and happen to have Iris at E2, then make sure she is in a Dormitory when Rosmontis is working. 


With all of the Operators above at the appropriate promotion level and working under their ideal conditions, Rosmontis can achieve an astronomical Factory Production Bonus of 55%!!!

The question, though, is: "Is it worth it to create the conditions to achieve the maximum Ros bonus?"

The answer for most players will be: Probably Not.

  • The HR Office needs to be upgraded to unlock additional slots for Whisperains Skill to produce [PI].  Many players using a 2-5-2 setup will not have an upgraded HR Office, and the higher Ros buff will not offset the loss of lower factory levels.
  • It is not clear that using Whisperain in the HR office to buff Ros will actually be a better value use (as explained above).  Also, Whisperain requires E2, which is expensive if the player does not intend to use her for gameplay (where she is a fine Operator but not exceptionally impactful)
  • Iris requires E2 as well, and like Whsiperain, that is a heavy investment for an Operator that is not particularly strong gameplay-wise

For most players, the best course of action will be to use Rosmontis (if/when she is a better choice) with whatever additions are already in place, or that they would do anyway  (for example, if they were going to E2 Iris anyway).

A list of all Operator RIIC Skills, with filters for named effects like [Perception Information], can be found here:

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