Arknights Rumor Mill: On The CN 2nd Anniversary Leaks

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Arknights CN is in an uproar about leaked images for the soon-to-be-coming 2nd Anniversary.

What We Know:

  • The images are of new Operators, Skins, and Story events.  I won't be personally sharing them here at this point.
  • The images are being heavily moderated and removed by moderators of NGA (A CN forum ) and Weibo (which is like CN Twitter), and people are expressing concerns about potentially being punished on these platforms for discussing the topic.
  • The images do NOT come from a datamine of a released asset, which is where datamined info typically comes from.  This means they were taken from an in-house development asset.  There are two possible ways it became public (It has not been officially announced which, afaik):
    • 1. it was leaked internally in violation of NDA
    • 2. it was acquired by an external party through malicious means

Here is an image with less words to help ENs like me understand the difference. (credit Karkar#7611)

  • As always with leaked or datamined content, nothing is certain until it is released.

Questions, concerns, thoughts or comments?  Feel free to use the comments section below.