Arknights Rumor Mill: Crimson Solitaire and Returning Player Boost Dates Datamined?

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What has been datamined?

Shortly after the Maintenance event that loaded the Break the Ice event and the EN/KR dub voicepacks, players started digging into the new code and discovered timestamps for certain, very interesting events: Integrated Strategies 2: Crimson Solitaire and the release date of the Returning Player Booster.

Returning Player Boost and Who is Real Rerun

The Returning Player System consists of a small series of challenges for players level 8 and above who have cleared stage 1-10 and haven't logged into the game for 60 days or more. 

While the System is active, returning players will receive additional rewards such as pull tickets, sanity potions and materials for completing side missions, and will have unlimited access to all Supply stages.

This "event" is repeatable for as many times as the player is elligible, but it is also obviously not more efficient than login in each day and farming every item separately.

As of the latest datamines, this System is scheduled to be introduced July 29th.

Perhaps more interestingly for most players, however, the Returning System was introduced in the Chinese server at the same time Invitation to Wine, possibly indicating that this event will be brought to our servers at around the same date of July 29, and the Who is Real Rerun sometime sooner. Perhaps this will also come with Nine-Colored Deer, though no data on her has been found yet.

Integrated Strategies 2: Crimson Solitaire

Crimson Solitaire is one of the biggest events so far in Arknights, and one of the most anticipated ones by players who were able to try the first iteration of this event.

As of the latest datamines, this event is scheduled to be introduced July 14th, which is somewhat concerning as the event is set to include monthly updates and challenges, leaving the start date of every new section of the event hanging in the middle of the month. It's still unknown if we will get a longer first month than the Chinese server or if this will remain as is.

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