Arknights Rumor Mill: [Lantern Festival] Event And Future Standard Pool with Schwarz and Saria!

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Datamine to the Future!

Special Thanks: Salieri AS

Datamines of the recent patch update have given us a glimpse of what's in store for Global!

Lantern Festival Event


Starting on 8/12 it looks like we'll be getting the [Lantern Festival] that came for CN on their Chinese New Year.  This event doesn't have any new stages, but instead has Missions and Milestone awards, including a free Gitano Skin!  Details for the event when it ran on CN can be found on the CN event page here:

Future Standard Banner 6 Stars!


Standard Pool Banner 16 with Hellagur and Shining will be coming soon, as we covered here:

Standard Banner 17 looks like it will have Saria and Scwharz as the 6 Stars, with Saria in the shop.  Saria is a very strong Healing Defender who is incredibly useful in tough content like Contingency Contract.  If you don't already have her, strongly consider saving certs to bring her home!

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