Arknights: Rumor Mill - Is the Skipped Eyjafjalla, Ifrit, Lappland Banner on its way?

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Is the Lamented skipped Banner coming Back?

The following image showing the skipped Eyjafjalla, IfritLappland, Silence, and Mayer Banner for JP has been making the rounds, indicating it is highly likely it will be the next Standard Banner for Global.

Arknights Eyja Banner
So good!

In CN, this was the third Standard Banner available, but for Global it was skipped and the Shining/Saria Banner was run instead.  The return of this banner would be great news for those that were disappointed about missing the chance to pull for Eyja or Ifrit.  Lappland is another popular Operator, who would be available for purchase with Distinction Certificates as well!  Ifrit would be the 6 Star available in the store.

Wondering about your luck pulling on this banner?  Give it a test run on our Gacha Simulator!

Stay tuned! 

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