Arknights: Is Summer Finally Coming?! What the Hell...agur??

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

What the Hell...agur is this?

Arknights Summer Banner Part 2


All 3 global official Twitter accounts put out a tweet today announcing a mini-event would soon be arriving. Many players are heralding this as the start of the highly anticipated Heart of Surging Flame Summer Event.  

However, the image shows the shadows of the Castle-3 Summer and Matterhorn Summer Skins.  These Skins were offered on CN as part of a ladder reward for Part 2 of the Summer Event, which happened after the main summer event.  Therefore, based on the image, it seems likely that we will receive Part 2 first, instead of Part 1.

Part 2 of the event included the following:

Full details for Part 2 of the Summer Event for CN can be found on the Event page here:

Hellagur Banner Summon Simulator!

But What About Part 1??

It is also possible they might mix-and-match parts of Part 1 and Part 2 of the CN Summer Event. Part 1 of the CN Summer Event included:

Details of the Heart of Surging Flame Part 1 CN Summer Event can be found here:

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