Arknights: Updates to Annihilation Explained!

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Annihilation Update

Special Thanks: Peacecow, Pumpkin

During the Thank-You Celebration on CN a new Annihilation system was announced and went live on Nov 2nd, 2020 with [Kawalerielki Outskirts].  The new Annihilation System will be divided into [Current Commission] [Permanent Commission] and [Battle Simulation ].

New Annihilation Categories

[Permanent Commission]


The three current Annihilation Maps will be moved into a [Long-term Annihilation] section:

  • Chernobog
  • Lungment: Outskirts
  • Lungmen: Downtown

There are no changes to how these maps operate.

[Current Commission]


This will have the most recently released Annihilation Map.  New maps will be added periodically, so far it has been about 45 days.

Challenge Missions

Can be cleared and gained only once, and will not be reset on map rotation.

Challenge Missions Added with the first rotation: [Kawalerielki Outskirts] increasing weekly cap to 1800.

Map Missions

Each new Annihilation Map added will have a set of clear rewards.  These Missions will be replaced with new missions for each new Annihilation Map. Here are the map missions and rewards for [Kawalerielki Outskirts].


[Battle Simulation]


When a new Annihilation Map is added, the current map will be added to the pool of stages for the  [Battle Simulation].  Every annihilation period,  a different map from the pool will be available to play in [Battle Simulation]. 

  • [Battle Simulation] does NOT award Orundum toward the weekly Orundum Cap, but the Map Missions for the available map can be completed if the player has not completed them previously.
  • Running the [Battle Simulation] stage does cost sanity, with the rules of sanity returns the same as normal annihilation (with sanity being returned depending on the number of kills, more returned for lower kill numbers).

​​​​​​​NOTE: If the player has already cleared the Map Missions, there are no rewards, and thus no reason for running [Battle Simulation] outside of pure enjoyment,

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