Check Out Arknights First English Trailer

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Article by David Teraoka
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New Trailer

The first official English YouTube video for Arknights is available now. 

The video is a direct copy of the first promotional video for Arknights in Asia, only some of the Chinese text has been removed and replaced with English.

Arknights is a tower-defense game that features anime girl/animal hybrids that came out in late April/early May of this year. The global version of the game has been announced for release "this winter". 

The game has been a runaway success in China, reaching the top of the store charts in just the first month it was released. 

Arknights had a strong presence at Anime Expo 2019, where attendees had the chance to grab "clue cards" from Yostar representatives which granted exclusive information on the upcoming mobile game. 

The official Twitter account @ArknightsEN has been drip-feeding information on the units available in the game. Check them out for more details!

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