Developer Newsletter #10 - 2nd Anniversary Stream, Combat Terminal Update, CC Season #5

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[A Walk in the Dust]


Translation Credit: Nightsky#3319, Aesir

The wanderer walks these lands, watched as tower rises, as civilisations formed, as the Catastrophes raged, as the originium disperses, as the war rages, and as the chaos that ensues.

Whatever that was destroyed and discarded were being rebuilt. Even the unflinching time was left behind at the end of the road. Her omnipotent knowledge, was solely used to carry on her multitude of responsibilities, maybe to take care of each other, even to build anything herself, or to transform into destruction herself. She is still herself, as she wanders the lands. Like the millions of souls that do so.

  • SideStory [A Walk in the Dust] will be available soon, including new event stages, stories, operators, Skins, and furniture theme.  Full details here:

Combat Terminal Update

  • The [Combat Terminal Update] will be implemented when the [A Walk in the Dust] event begins. This update includes the combat entrance modification and new permanent event stage feature. In addition, optimization of the support system and other features will be released.

2nd Anniversary Stream

  • Arknights 2nd Anniversary Stream is planned for Apr. 24th.
  • Streaming Room:
  • The stream content will contain Arknights 2nd Anniversary events,  SideStory, and future content.

2nd Anniversary Event

  • Arknights 2nd Anniversary Event will start on May 1st.
  • This event includes a new Sidestory, Operators, skins, and furniture theme. Meanwhile, a new [Limited Headhunting] will start as the event begins.

Contingency Contract Season #5 [Operation Spectrum]

Contingency Contract Season #5
  • Contingency Contract Season #5 [Operation Spectrum] coming in mid May.
  • In the 2nd part of the 2nd Anniversary Events, Contingency Contract Season #5 [Operation Spectrum] will be available with new contracts and stages. New skins and rerun skins will also be added into the shop. Players can obtain the etched medals in this season by completing the corresponding challenges.
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