Skywalking Global League #1 Begins!

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Article by TacticalBreakfast

Skywalking Global League #1

The qualifiers are done, the rules are finalized, and the brackets are set.  All that's left now is for the very best in the game to compete head-to-head in the very first global Arknights competition!  Lungmen Dragon's will be hosting the EN broadcast.  The fun begins May 17th at 1730 UTC+8 (0530 EST).  Tune in over at their Youtube channel!  See below for the full bracket, schedule, and rules (or check here)!

You can find the bracket information on for Group A here and Group B here.

Additionally, Lungmen Dragon's is looking for potential candidates to aid in the stream backend for the tournament. If you’re interested please see this form for more details:

The Skywalking Global League #1 schedule
The Skywalking Global League #1 format
The Skywalking Global League #1 rules
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