Event Information

Event Name (CN) 扎营
Event Max Choices 1
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
The long journey has exhausted your team, and you have no choice but to stop and set up camp. Gazing out into the distant scenery, your thoughts drift back to all your companions eagerly awaiting news of your victorious return. All of this seems to have been worth it.

Event Choices

Choice Text Enjoy a nice slumber
Choice Description Gain 3 Objective HP.
Scene Dialogue You feel your thoughts settle down, but a flame-like resolve smolders silently within you as you rest, up until your eyes open again. You know that you are ready.
Choice Text (CN) 好好睡一觉
Choice Description (CN) 获得3目标生命
Scene Dialogue (CN) 你感到思绪安静了下来,某种如火的意志在你休息的时候无声燃烧。直到你重新睁眼,你知道自己准备好了。