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Event Information

Event Name (CN) 旅行友商
Event Max Choices 2
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
You hear the sound of ringing bells from a Kjerag caravan. Even here, the snowflakes from their distant hometown seem to protect them. On this not-too-chilly night, they stop to set up camp, and the atmosphere fills with merriment much like a local market. The caravan guard spots your team and recognizes you, and the owner of the caravan raises a glass to you.

Event Choices

Choice Text Attend their banquet
Choice Description Lose 5 Originium Ingots, but gain 3 Hope.
Scene Dialogue Amidst clanging cups and shared platters, your two parties finalize some friendly trades and business deals. At dawn, you cordially bid farewell. This romantic party has brought many benefits to everyone.
Choice Text (CN) 参与他们的晚会
Choice Description (CN) 消耗5源石锭,获得3希望
Scene Dialogue (CN) 在推杯换盏间,友好的商贸也被双方敲定。天明时,你们礼貌地告别,这一场带着浪漫色彩的晚会为大家带来了不少好处。
Choice Text Politely decline
Scene Dialogue The heavy burden of responsibility weighs down upon your shoulders, and you know that the other party bears no ill will. But because of this, you know that you can’t get these peaceful people involved in the trouble that you may bring. This is a shared consensus among adventurers.
Choice Text (CN) 婉拒好意
Scene Dialogue (CN) 你知道肩负的重任,也知晓对方绝无恶意。但正因如此,你不能让这些平和的人们卷入你可能带来的麻烦里,这是探险家们都有的共识。