Messenger Recruitment

Event Information

Event Name (CN) 信使招募
Event Max Choices 3
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
You arrive at a messenger post, where messengers from all across the world stop to rest. At an information exchange hub, you decide to commission a messenger in order to appropriately adjust your deployment strategy and squad composition.

Event Choices

Choice Text Leave a small tip
Choice Description Lose 2 Originium Ingots, but Recruit one Operator (from a selection of 2 random classes).
Scene Dialogue MountainDash Logistics has the most stable and widespread delivery routes. You’ll soon get the results you hope for.
Choice Text (CN) 给一点小费
Choice Description (CN) 消耗2源石锭,招募一名干员(从随机2个职业中选择)
Scene Dialogue (CN) 峯驰物流有着最稳定最广泛的送货渠道。你很快就会得到你所希望的结果。
Choice Text Leave a generous tip
Choice Description Lose 5 Originium Ingots, but Recruit one Operator.
Scene Dialogue A more sophisticated contact network provides more possibilities for dispatching operators. Money can open the door to many things, a fact that you know well.
Choice Text (CN) 给很多小费
Choice Description (CN) 消耗5源石锭,招募任意一名干员
Scene Dialogue (CN) 更复杂的联络系统为干员们的调度提供了更多可能,金钱可以拓展很多的事物,而你深谙此道。
Choice Text Don’t tip
Scene Dialogue There is much work that needs to be done still, and no time to waste tarrying here.
Choice Text (CN) 不给小费
Scene Dialogue (CN) 没有时间在这里逗留,还有更多的事情要做。