Event Information

Event Name (CN) 打群架现场
Event Max Choices 2
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
You see a group of ferocious-looking, burly locals arguing with each other. When you walk by, you find out that they are arguing over “who has the most beautiful tail in the rainforest.” The argument devolves into a massive brawl, and it is quite the scene to behold.

Event Choices

Choice Text Come on! Let’s make some noise!
Scene Dialogue You gleefully rush into the brawl. There’s nothing more fun than fighting.
Choice Text (CN) 来!一起热闹!
Scene Dialogue (CN) 你开心地冲入了混战的人群,没什么事情比打架更有乐子了。
Choice Text Don’t cause any trouble
Choice Description Leave
Scene Dialogue The fact that anyone would fight over this is nonsense. These are the most inane people you’ve ever witnessed in all your years.
Choice Text (CN) 还是别惹事了
Scene Dialogue (CN) 为了这点事情都能吵起来,这么多年来,这群人是你见过的最无聊的人。
Choice Text Join the fray
Choice Description Encounter a difficult battle.
Choice Text (CN) 进入战斗
Choice Description (CN) 遭遇一场困难的战斗