Bearer of Tales

Event Information

Event Name (CN) 有故事的人
Event Max Choices 1
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
You see a muddied man sitting on a stump with a melancholic expression, his leather jacket short a sleeve. You exchange a few words with him and learn his story: The Originium pump in his hometown was damaged, so he ran around looking for parts to repair the pump with. However, he was eventually driven out of his hometown due to contracting Oripathy during that process.

Event Choices

Choice Text Persuade him thoroughly
Choice Description Promote a random Operator.
Scene Dialogue “And now, my story comes to an end.” The sorrowful man gives you his weapon and walks back into the vast wasteland, leaving only the view of his back.
Choice Text (CN) 好好劝劝他
Choice Description (CN) 进阶任意一名干员
Scene Dialogue (CN) “我的故事已经结束了。”悲伤的男人将自己的武器交给了你,向着广袤的荒原走去,只留下了背影。