Intrepid Messenger

Event Information

Event Name (CN) 强悍信使
Event Max Choices 2
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
You see a burly man with a strong physique and hearty smile approach you, a pack beast slung over his shoulders. After asking about it, you realize that this man is a messenger. The beast was a gift from his son, but he thought that the pack beast was walking too slowly. It dawns upon you that you can perhaps entrust this person to deliver your message.

Event Choices

Choice Text Commission Letter
Choice Description Recruit one Operator (from a selection of 2 random classes).
Scene Dialogue The other party accepts your request and sets off, the pack beast still slung over his shoulder.
Choice Text (CN) 委托信件
Choice Description (CN) 招募一名干员(从随机2个职业中选择)
Scene Dialogue (CN) 对方接下了你的委托,扛着驮兽扬长而去。
Choice Text Emergency Commission Letter
Choice Description Lose 8 Originium Ingots, but gain a Recruitment Voucher.
Scene Dialogue You pay a little extra to the brawny man, and he clearly understands your intent. He rushes away with vigor in his step, leaving only the sad cries of the pack beast.
Choice Text (CN) 委托加急信件
Choice Description (CN) 消耗8源石锭,获得招募券
Scene Dialogue (CN) 你额外向这位壮汉支付了一点小费,对方明白了你的意思,于是一个健步狂奔而去,只留下驮兽的忧伤的声音。