Damsel in Distress

Event Information

Event Name (CN) 呼救的少女
Event Max Choices 2
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
You hear someone calling for help in the distance, and as you rush towards the voice, you find a Cautus girl with her leg caught by a metal weight that had fallen. She sees you and desperately begs for help. Why is this young girl alone in the wilderness?

Event Choices

Choice Text Don’t overthink things and help her quickly
Scene Dialogue When you approach, the Cautus girl stands up with a smirk and draws her weapon. At the same time, a group of sturdily-built men emerge from behind the ruins.
Choice Text (CN) 别想了,快去帮帮她
Scene Dialogue (CN) 当你靠近之后,卡特斯少女一脸坏笑地站了起来,并且掏出了武器,随后废墟里钻出了一群彪形大汉。
Choice Text Looks a bit suspicious, better to stay away
Scene Dialogue The other party gets back on their feet, cursing you under their breath as they watch you leave. Sure enough, it’s better to stay vigilant.
Choice Text (CN) 有点可疑,还是别靠近了
Scene Dialogue (CN) 看到你离去,对方骂骂咧咧地站了起来。果然还是谨慎一点好。
Choice Text Join the fray
Choice Description Encounter a dangerous battle.
Choice Text (CN) 进入战斗
Choice Description (CN) 遭遇一场艰难的战斗