Legend of the Pocket Watch

Event Information

Event Name (CN) 怀表的传说
Event Max Choices 2
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
In a dark cave lives a mad Sarkaz. He mumbles endlessly about things that never happened, punching and kicking at his own shadow. He insists that since a Sankta took the Key, all clocks and watches have lost their meaning. He shows you some broken clock dials, bemoaning the fact that they can no longer be sold.

Event Choices

Choice Text A watch that ticks backwards? Buy it!
Choice Description Lose all Originium Ingots, but gain a collectible.
Scene Dialogue The thing about money is, it’s only meaningful when spent... Or something like that.
Choice Text (CN) 倒着转的表?买了!
Choice Description (CN) 消耗所有源石锭,获得收藏品
Scene Dialogue (CN) 钱这个东西啊,只有花出去才有意义......大概吧
Choice Text Why so expensive if you can’t get rid of it?
Choice Description Leave
Scene Dialogue “If this thing is useful, then I would eat it!”
Choice Text (CN) 卖不出去还这么贵?
Scene Dialogue (CN) “这个东西要是有用,我就把它吃了!”