Rusthammer Battle

Event Information

Event Name (CN) 锈锤之战
Event Max Choices 2
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
While struggling across the Sargon Desert, you encounter armed forces in the process of attacking a nobleman’s caravan. The group, Rusthammer, recognizes you as an enemy just from seeing your equipment and attire. Now, their ballistae are pointed at you.

Event Choices

Choice Text Prepare to fight!
Scene Dialogue Rhodes Island has no reason to condone their reckless behavior, even less so if their violence is directed at you.
Choice Text (CN) 准备应战!
Scene Dialogue (CN) 罗德岛没有理由放任这些暴徒肆意妄为,何况他们的暴力已经指向了你。
Choice Text All members, retreat!
Scene Dialogue You understand the importance of avoiding conflict. With too little information, there is no reason to involve yourself with barbaric thugs that are running rampant.
Choice Text (CN) 全队后撤!
Scene Dialogue (CN) 你知道避开冲突的重要性,在所知情报过少的情况下,没必要和这些流窜四方的野蛮暴徒纠缠。
Choice Text Join the fray
Choice Description Encounter an extremely dangerous battle.
Choice Text (CN) 进入战斗
Choice Description (CN) 遭遇一场极其艰难的战斗