Black Procession

Event Information

Event Name (CN) 黑色庆典
Event Max Choices 4
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
The sky is gloomy and the thick air hangs low. You look towards the horizon, where a disorganized but massive team is slowly advancing in the distance. They are wearing strange black outfits and beating out arrhythmic songs using primitive instruments. The participants in this parade shout out slogans in a language you cannot understand. This is the Sarkaz’s Black Procession and the true origin of the Requiem Festival.

Event Choices

Choice Text Buy some supplies
Choice Description Lose 10 Originium Ingots, but gain 8 Objective HP.
Scene Dialogue It is said that bad luck befalls those who participate in the Black Procession, so it would be best to leave.
Choice Text (CN) 买一点补给
Choice Description (CN) 消耗10源石锭,获得8目标生命
Scene Dialogue (CN) 都说参加了黑色庆典的人会交上厄运,还是离开吧。
Choice Text Buy some specialties
Choice Description Lose 10 Originium Ingots, but gain 6 Hope.
Scene Dialogue A vampire hands you a vial of an unpleasant potion.
Choice Text (CN) 买一点特产
Choice Description (CN) 消耗10源石锭,获得6希望
Scene Dialogue (CN) 一个血魔递给你一瓶难闻的药水。
Choice Text Sing with them
Choice Description Lose 4 Max Hope, but gain 10 Objective HP.
Scene Dialogue A Sarkaz caster hands you a warped pendant.
Choice Text (CN) 和他们一起唱歌
Choice Description (CN) 消耗4希望上限,获得10目标生命
Scene Dialogue (CN) 一个萨卡兹术士递给你一件畸形的挂坠。
Choice Text Have a drink
Choice Description Lose 5 Objective HP, but gain 8 Hope.
Scene Dialogue This is a strange song, and you are only able to hum along with the melody. However, you suddenly make a decision.
Choice Text (CN) 喝点饮料
Choice Description (CN) 消耗5目标生命,获得8希望
Scene Dialogue (CN) 这是一首古怪的歌,你只能跟着哼出旋律,不知为何你突然下定决心。
Choice Text Dance with them
Choice Description Lose 5 Objective HP, but gain 15 Originium Ingots.
Scene Dialogue You take the potion from the Sarkaz’s hands and drink its contents. The potion tastes terrible, but you feel a lot more relaxed afterwards.
Choice Text (CN) 和他们一起跳舞
Choice Description (CN) 消耗5目标生命,获得15源石锭
Scene Dialogue (CN) 你接过了一个萨卡兹人递给你的饮料,饮料非常难喝,但是你感觉放松了不少。
Choice Text Leave
Scene Dialogue You dance with the people of Sarkaz, your body’s movements melding and fluctuating with your induced state of relaxation.
Choice Text (CN) 离开
Scene Dialogue (CN) 你与萨卡兹人一起跳舞,肢体动作与你刻意放松的精神交融变幻,等回过神来,不知为何有人在你的脚下丢了硬币。