Event Information

Event Name (CN) 一只鸭子
Event Max Choices 2
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
You feel as if someone has been following you since last night, but every time you look back, you don’t see anything. There’s something abnormal about this. After a crude ambush, you discover the true identity of your stalker — a strangely dressed... duck?

Event Choices

Choice Text Why are you following me?
Scene Dialogue Let’s beat it up first and then talk later.
Choice Text (CN) 干嘛跟着我?
Scene Dialogue (CN) 先打一顿再说。
Choice Text Whatever, forget it.
Scene Dialogue It dares not bite me anyway.
Choice Text (CN) 算了,随它去吧
Scene Dialogue (CN) 反正它不敢咬我。
Choice Text Join the fray
Choice Description Encounter a special battle.
Choice Text (CN) 进入战斗
Choice Description (CN) 遭遇一场特殊的战斗