That same duck

Event Information

Event Name (CN) 还是一只鸭子
Event Max Choices 2
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
A presumptuous-sounding duck stands before you, and you have no idea where it came from, and he acts as if he has always been right next to you. He chatters ceaselessly, which you find extremely annoying. He says that the two of you have a mutual friend, but based upon his behavior, he seems only interested in messing with you. Soon, he drags his briefcase off and darts away.

Event Choices

Choice Text Do you think you can just come and go as you please?
Scene Dialogue You decide to chase after him— Wait, why did he “run” over there? Err, can you even call that “running?”
Choice Text (CN) 你想来就来想走就走?
Scene Dialogue (CN) 你决定抓住他——等等,为什么他“跑”到那儿去了?不,这算“跑”吗?
Choice Text Whatever, forget it.
Scene Dialogue You’re trying to think of who that mutual friend might be. Unfortunately, this pompous, self-aggrandizing way of speaking does remind you of a certain... respectable big boss.
Choice Text (CN) 算了,随它去吧
Scene Dialogue (CN) 你只是在快速思考你们共同的朋友会是谁。很不幸,这种浮夸傲慢自大的说话方式的确让你想起一个......值得尊敬的大老板。
Choice Text Join the fray
Choice Description Encounter a special battle.
Choice Text (CN) 进入战斗
Choice Description (CN) 遭遇一场特殊的战斗