Exhausted Inspector’s Journey

Event Information

Event Name (CN) 疲惫督查之旅
Event Max Choices 3
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
A member of the L.G.D. stands before you, probably some kind of inspector. He wears glasses and speaks in a polite tone, hesitating several times before asking to speak with you. You notice the embarrassment in his eyes even through the glasses, and he finally tells you that he’s looking for several colleagues who left on business trips and haven’t been heard from since. He asks for your help and promises to compensate you for your effort.

Event Choices

Choice Text There’s somebody you’re thinking about
Choice Description (Requires ["Roar" Pendant]) Gain 20 Originium Ingots.
Scene Dialogue The person in charge strokes his glasses, the expression on his face convincing you that there is indeed a connection between these two things. He gives you a large sum of money and tells you to keep quiet.
Choice Text (CN) 你的确想起了某人
Choice Description (CN) (需要【“嘎呜”挂饰】)获得20源石锭
Scene Dialogue (CN) 负责人抚了抚眼镜,他脸上的表情让你确信这两件事之间有联系。他给了你不少钱,让你不要声张此事。
Choice Text Make your request
Choice Description Lose 2 Objective HP, but gain 3 Hope.
Scene Dialogue The unexpected investigation takes a lot of time, but you earned the inspector’s recognition as well as some manpower. This is a win-win situation.
Choice Text (CN) 提出你的需求
Choice Description (CN) 消耗2目标生命,获得3希望
Scene Dialogue (CN) 额外的调查花了不少时间,不过你也因此得到了对方的赏识,以及,一些人手。这就是双赢。
Choice Text Peace and quiet is better than stirring up trouble
Choice Description Gain 3 Objective HP.
Scene Dialogue Of course, you are not obligated to deal with the drunken L.G.D. members. It’s better to use this time to let the operators get a good night’s sleep, right?
Choice Text (CN) 休息比麻烦事重要些
Choice Description (CN) 获得3目标生命
Scene Dialogue (CN) 你当然没有义务去处理什么烂醉的近卫局成员,还不如用这个时间让干员们好好睡上一觉,对吧?