Non-Existent Fairy Tale II

Event Information

Event Name (CN) 不存在的童话·Ⅱ
Event Max Choices 2
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
You follow the bounty hunter’s trail of blood deeper down the road and find several abandoned vehicles that have been brutally mauled. There are signs that a battle unfolded here between mercenaries and bounty hunters. Obviously, this place is full of danger, and danger always smells of opportunity.

Event Choices

Choice Text No point giving up now
Choice Description Lose 1 Objective HP.
Scene Dialogue You pass through a littered battlefield and see a hidden tunnel behind an abandoned vehicle. You are not sure what lies on the other side of that tunnel, but the danger is irresistible.
Choice Text (CN) 来都来了,没有理由放弃
Choice Description (CN) 消耗1目标生命
Scene Dialogue (CN) 穿过一片狼藉的交战现场,你看到了一个掩藏在废弃车辆后的地道,你不确定地道里有什么,但是危险肯定少不了。
Choice Text Risk and reward go hand-in-hand
Choice Description Lose 1 Objective HP.
Scene Dialogue You come to the realization that the bounty hunters planted traps everywhere, and the only way you’ll be able to push forward is to sustain some cuts and bruises.
Choice Text (CN) 风险和收益是并存的
Choice Description (CN) 消耗1目标生命
Scene Dialogue (CN) 你意识到这里到处都是赏金猎人埋下的陷阱,或许继续前进只能让自己遍体鳞伤。
Choice Text It’s not time to give up yet!
Choice Description Lose 1 Objective HP.
Scene Dialogue In a pile of gravel not far away, you notice a nondescript mark that is easily overlooked. After a little bit of digging, you pull up a strange treasure map.
Choice Text (CN) 还没到放弃的时候!
Choice Description (CN) 消耗1目标生命
Scene Dialogue (CN) 在不远处的碎石堆里,你看到了一个很难被察觉的标记,在简单的挖掘后,你得到了一张奇怪的藏宝图。
Choice Text Pick up the treasure map
Choice Description Gain a collectible.
Scene Dialogue Perhaps you inherited the romance-seeking, adventurous spirit of the bounty hunters, or maybe you were simply overcome with curiosity and greed. Whatever the case, you still decide to follow the map.
Choice Text (CN) 拿起藏宝图
Choice Description (CN) 获得收藏品
Scene Dialogue (CN) 也许你继承了那位赏金猎人的浪漫冒险精神,也许你只是求知欲或是贪婪作祟,总之,你依旧选择坚持到底。
Choice Text Respect your limits and retreat
Scene Dialogue Maybe there’s nothing here at all? This is the life of a bounty hunter, and that life is not for you.
Choice Text (CN) 知难而退
Scene Dialogue (CN) 也许这里什么都没有?赏金猎人的生活本就是如此,你没必要步其后尘。