After the Deathmatch

Event Information

Event Name (CN) 死斗之后
Event Max Choices 2
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
In the wilderness, you find a throng of mercenaries engulfing themselves in conflict. Before long, the breath of life has departed from all of them. You inspect the remains of these hapless fellows and find a heavy metal box with an extremely strong lock on it, but no key to go along with it.

Event Choices

Choice Text They don’t have any use for this box anymore
Choice Description Gain a collectible.
Scene Dialogue You turn around and look at the fallen bodies, then back at the metal box in your hand. You’re starting to get a bad feeling about this.
Choice Text (CN) 他们已经用不到这个箱子了
Choice Description (CN) 获得收藏品
Scene Dialogue (CN) 你回头看了一眼倒下的人,再看看手中的铁皮箱子,你有一种不好的预感。
Choice Text May they rest in peace
Choice Description Gain 2 Objective HP.
Scene Dialogue Although many people complain about life in the city, stuff like this happens when they decide to leave.
Choice Text (CN) 希望他们安息
Choice Description (CN) 获得2目标生命
Scene Dialogue (CN) 虽然人们对城市生活多有抱怨,但是离开城市,就会有这种事情。