Event Information

Event Name (CN) 安全屋
Event Max Choices 3
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
Rhodes Island’s facilities in various regions are maintained by specialized personnel. From the day you departed to the present, you’ve encountered harsh environments, formidable enemies, and countless bizarre incidents. It is time to sharpen your blade, repair your equipment, and reflect upon your experiences in order to meet greater challenges.

Event Choices

Choice Text Take a break
Choice Description Gain 5 Objective HP.
Scene Dialogue You spend a quiet and comfortable night, and yet another page turns on Terra’s calendar.
Choice Text (CN) 稍事休息
Choice Description (CN) 获得5目标生命
Scene Dialogue (CN) 你们度过了一个安静舒适的夜晚,泰拉大地的日历又翻过了一页。
Choice Text Intensive training
Choice Description Promote a random Operator.
Scene Dialogue Terra is full of unforeseen dangers, and now is not the time to seek a peaceful respite.
Choice Text (CN) 强化训练
Choice Description (CN) 进阶任意一名干员
Scene Dialogue (CN) 泰拉大地上充满不可预料的风险,现在还不是安心休息的时候。
Choice Text Boost morale
Choice Description Gain 3 Hope.
Scene Dialogue You narrate some inspiring past events, mixing your account with some humorous stories. Everyone remains optimistic about their next adventure.
Choice Text (CN) 鼓舞士气
Choice Description (CN) 获得3希望
Scene Dialogue (CN) 你讲述着一些鼓舞人心的往事,偶尔夹杂着一些幽默的故事,你们对接下来的冒险保持乐观。
Choice Text Reorganize
Choice Description +1 Squad Size Limit
Scene Dialogue After counting the available supplies and rearranging your squad composition, there seems to be room for additional manpower.
Choice Text (CN) 重整编制
Choice Description (CN) 可携带干员+1
Scene Dialogue (CN) 你清点了目前的补给品,重新整理了队伍构成,似乎还有增加人手的余地。