Eccentric Merchant

Event Information

Event Name (CN) 古怪推销员
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
You see a Zalak man wearing soiled formal attire. He is standing on a pile of boxes, peddling his wares to the barrens dwellers. The man claims that these boxes contain rare goods obtained through “special means,” but you notice that upon these boxes are printed the trademarks of Columbia’s large military contractors and logistics companies...

Event Choices

Choice Text Come here, buy one and see what’s inside
Choice Description Lose 5 Originium Ingots, with a chance to gain a random collectible.
Scene Dialogue Although you have a premonition that something is wrong, you still have a bit of fun drawing from the box.
Choice Text (CN) 来,买一个看看有什么
Choice Description (CN) 消耗5源石锭,有几率获得一件收藏品
Scene Dialogue (CN) 虽然总觉得哪里不对,但是你还是从抽盒子中获得了一点乐趣。
Choice Text Take the contents of the box
Choice Description Gain a random collectible.
Scene Dialogue There are some useful tools inside the box! You’ve earned it! Too bad for the other guy!
Choice Text (CN) 拿走盒子里的东西
Choice Description (CN) 获得一件随机收藏品
Scene Dialogue (CN) 盒子里装着一些有用的道具,你赚了!他亏了!
Choice Text Want to give it another try?
Scene Dialogue There are only suspicious reagents and useless mechanical parts inside the box. You feel a bit disappointed.
Choice Text (CN) 要不要再试一试?
Scene Dialogue (CN) 盒子里只有一些可疑的试剂和毫无用处的机械零件,你感觉很失望。
Choice Text Pass, I don’t think it’s worth it
Scene Dialogue The fact that you don’t know where these things came from is quite problematic...
Choice Text (CN) 算了吧,感觉不值得
Scene Dialogue (CN) 这些东西来路不明,很有问题......