Vtuber Idol Unit Guard ☆ Nights Debut Stream! - APRIL FOOLS!

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I'm glad the Doctor came to us first for this important job.
Actually, Doctor wanted Frostleaf and Texas to do this, but Amiya gave Doctor the most disgusted look ever.
That's not a problem, that's nice of Doctor to think of us next.
Doctor then asked Closure to set up avatar rigging, but she just laughed after seeing the Doctor's own bank account.
… I guess I'm glad the Doctor ended up choosing us at all. So how much did the doctor pay you?
You're getting paid?
It's more like I pay the doctor less this way…
You're paying the Doctor (to dress in a maid outfit)?
Yes (to set up the idol unit), anything to continue the SilverAsh bloodline. The Doctor is an important ally.
That's quite some devotion. Um, if you need to talk about anything (like the Doctor blackmailing you), let me know.