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Is Phantom Good? Is Phantom Worth It?

Phantom is a brand-new Specialist in Arknights Global, and the first 6★ Fast-Redeploy Specialist Operator to be released. Considering that he is a blatant Phantom of the Opera reference and prime husbando material for those who like them tall, dark, and handsome, many Doctors are already excited for his arrival. However, many other Doctors are probably wondering, “What’s the big deal? Is Phantom worth it?” Let’s take a look so Doctors can answer this question for themselves.

Phantom poke animation
He's also got a cat!

What is Phantom’s Role? What Makes Phantom Special?

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As stated above, Phantom is a 6★ Specialist and a member of the Fast-Redeploy archetype. He has a very short redeployment time of 18 seconds, and all of his Skills trigger immediately when he is deployed. This encourages the player to deploy him, retreat him, and redeploy him again multiple times in a fight in order to make the most of his On-Deploy Skills. For more details on his stats, Skills, Talents, and more, take a look at his Operator page.

The ability that makes Phantom stand out from other Fast-Redeploy Operators is his Talent, Phantom in the Mirror, which allows him to deploy a clone of himself. This clone has the same Skills as Phantom and a separate redeploy timer. Essentially, deploying Phantom is deploying two Fast-Redeploy Operators in one unit slot, both able to attack, Block, and trigger their Skills in different areas at different times.

When Should I Use Phantom?

  • Fast-Redeploy Operators as a group have several tasks they are well-suited to perform, and Phantom is good at all of them:
    • Assassinating squishy enemies that could be a problem if they reached your frontline (I’m looking at you, exploding spiders!)
    • Stalling nasty enemies to give other Operators a chance to attack/ heal/ charge SP/ kill their current targets
    • Blocking single enemies that manage to slip through your frontlines
    • Acting as a “decoy” unit to draw aggro from a powerful enemy (like a Caster) or absorb a nasty enemy ability (like a Defense Crusher’s Stun)
  • Each of Phantom’s Skills lends itself towards using him in different situations. Switch up his Skill to suit your needs on any given stage:
    • His S1 is a defensive Skill, useful for stalling, Blocking, and soaking damage or enemy abilities.
    • His S2 is an offensive Skill. It’s most useful for assassination missions, but adding more damage while stalling, Blocking, or being a decoy is useful too.
Phantom S2
    • His S3 is a debuffing and Pushing Skill that can impede multiple enemies at once. It’s primarily for stalling, but delaying enemies with CC can be helpful in pretty much any situation.
Phantom S3
  • Phantom is a fantastic safety net for stages where you need to think on your feet. Because you can use both him and his clone to complete the above tasks, he can cover twice as many of them as any other Fast-Redeploy Operator.
  • In particular, Phantom is an excellent assassin—probably the best in the archetype. He has the highest ATK of Fast-Redeploy Operators, his S2 has the biggest ATK buff, and he can deploy his clone on the other side of his target to add even more DPS to his assault.

How Does Phantom Compare to Other Specialists?

There have been three Fast-Redeploy Specialists before Phantom, and each has their own specialty that makes them worth using. Phantom’s flexible Skillset combines aspects of all three of these Operators. In terms of versatility, he’s the clear winner of the archetype.

However, when it comes to performing each task, does he surpass his predecessors, or is he a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none? Let’s compare Phantom to Gravel, Projekt-Red, and Waai Fu so we can see how well Phantom really stands up to the competition.

HP ATK DEF Redeploy DP
Phantom (E2) 1645 648 322 18s 10
Gravel (E2) 1720 452 335 18s 8
Projekt-Red (E2) 1505 605 302 18s 9
Waai Fu (#2) 1455 586 334 18s 9

Phantom vs Gravel

  • What does Gravel do? Gravel’s specialty is emergency blocking and damage soaking. Her S2 gives her a truly massive shield when she is deployed, and her Talent reduces her DP cost, making her a cheap safety net when enemies slip past your frontline.
  • How does Phantom compare? Gravel actually has higher HP and DEF than Phantom, despite being a 4*. Her S2 shield is also much beefier than Phantom’s S1 shield (250% of max HP instead of 80%). However, Phantom’s S1 comes with 50% Physical Dodge, so Phantom can potentially absorb more damage than Gravel if he’s lucky.
  • Should I raise Phantom if I have Gravel? Phantom has much higher DPS than Gravel and has the added benefit of Physical Dodge. However, Dodge is unreliable, whereas Gravel’s bigger shield is guaranteed (and she’s also cheaper to deploy). If you only want a Fast-Redeploy Specialist for blocking and stalling, Gravel is better. Otherwise, Phantom is more versatile.

Phantom vs Projekt-Red

  • What does Projekt-Red do? Projekt-Red has decent DPS for assassinating key targets, especially considering her S1. Her S1 also gives her Physical and Arts Dodge, so she has some capability for damage soaking. However, most people use her for her S2: an AoE damaging ability that also Stuns all damaged targets.
  • How does Phantom compare? Phantom has a much stronger ATK buff than Projekt-Red, higher base ATK, and can double-team enemies with his clone to add on even more damage. When it comes to CC, Phantom’s S3 can Stun for longer than Red’s S2 (and does more damage). However, Red’s S2 always Stuns, while Phantom’s S3 may cause Slow or Bind instead. This makes Red a more reliable Stunner.
  • Should I raise Phantom if I have Projekt-Red? Phantom blows Projekt-Red out of the water as an assassin and is about as good at damage-soaking as she is thanks to his shield. However, Projekt-Red is mostly used for her Stun, and Phantom is not nearly as reliable at Stunning enemies as she is. If you only value Projekt-Red for her Stun, Projekt-Red is better. Otherwise, Phantom is a much better (and more versatile) assassin.

Phantom vs Waai Fu

  • What does Waai Fu do? Waai Fu boosts her own ATK and debuffs the ATK of enemies she attacks while equipped with her S1. This makes her a decent duelist and also helps her protect her team; if your Defender is fighting a powerful foe, drop Waai Fu within range so her ATK debuff helps your Defender survive. However, most people use her for her S2: an AoE damaging ability that Silences all damaged targets.
  • How does Phantom compare? Waai Fu is probably Phantom’s biggest competitor because he can’t do the same things she does. He has no ATK debuff and he can’t Silence enemies. His HP and ATK are much better than hers and he can clone himself, but Waai Fu’s uniqueness is tough to replicate.
  • Should I raise Phantom if I have Waai Fu? Phantom and Waai Fu occupy different niches in the Fast-Redeploy archetype. Phantom is better at fighting, stalling, and absorbing damage, and he can Stun while Waai Fu cannot. Waai Fu can inflict Silence and debuff ATK. They are both well worth raising to cover their respective specialties.

In Conclusion (TL;DR)

If you like Fast-Redeploy Operators at all, Phantom is definitely worth raising. He covers all of the primary responsibilities of the Fast-Redeploy archetype by himself, he is by far the best assassin in the archetype, and he can deploy his clone to do it in two places at once.

However, don’t shelve your other Fast-Redeploy Operators just because you’ve pulled Phantom. Gravel’s survivability, Projekt-Red’s reliable Stun, and Waai Fu’s debuffs are aspects that Phantom can’t match.

If you don’t like Fast-Redeploy Operators, Phantom is unlikely to change your mind. He’s a pretty textbook example of the archetype. It’s also probably worth pointing out that Fast-Redeploy units are rarely necessary for completing content, even though they are often very helpful if you have them.

If you’re planning to pull for Phantom, we at GamePress will follow in the proud tradition of the theater and wish you “Break a leg” for luck!

Phantom E2
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