Blocks 3 enemies

Operator Description

Beagle, Defender Operator of Rhodes Island, will provide a solid defense for the squad.

Operator Quote

Try to encourage her more.

Obtain Approach

Recruitment & Headhunting
Headhunting: Yes Recruitment: Yes
Release Date (CN) 4/30/2019
Release Date (Global) 1/16/2020
Recruitment Pool Date (CN) 4/30/2019
Recruitment Pool Date (Global) 1/16/2020


Potential Item

Beagle's Token Transcripts neatly placed inside a folder. They all show straight A's.


Lvl: 1
DEF +5%
Lvl: 55
DEF +10%
Talents from Module Upgrades


Arts Resist
Redeploy Time
DP Cost
Attack Interval


SP Cost:
Initial SP:
SP Charge Type
Skill Activation
30 Seconds
30 Seconds
30 Seconds
30 Seconds
30 Seconds
30 Seconds
30 Seconds
Skill Effect
DEF +10%
DEF +15%
DEF +20%
DEF +30%
DEF +35%
DEF +40%
DEF +50%
Detailed Skill Info
def 0.1
def 0.15
def 0.2
def 0.3
def 0.35
def 0.4
def 0.5

RIIC Base Skills

Room Type:
When this Operator is assigned to a Factory, capacity limit +6 and productivity +10%
Liveliness Lvl: 1
Room Type:
When this Operator is assigned to a Dormitory, restores +0.2 Morale per hour to another Operator assigned to that Dormitory whose Morale is not full (Only the strongest effect of this type takes place); furthermore, self Morale recovered per hour +0.4

Botzu's Quick Evaluation

+ The default early-game Defender if you don't get someone better
+ Decent stats with passive DEF and DEF increasing Skill
+ Easily to max Potential, and cheap to develop and deploy
- Fairly long Skill cooldown

Operator Overview

“Finally, FINALLY! Now nobody's going to call me "the Rookiest Rookie in the Rookieverse" anymore!”

Like her namesake, Beagle is a sweet, loving individual who just wants to be useful to the people she cares about. She, Fang, and Kroos used to work together at a Columbian outskirts garrison, but when Beagle came down with Oripathy, all three were banished. Beagle used to blame herself for ruining Fang and Kroos’ careers, but now that the trio have come to Rhodes Island, Beagle has been able to blossom as a 3 Normal Defender specializing in physical defense.

Beagle is the baseline unit for Defenders in Arknights. Everything about her kit is focused entirely on mitigating physical damage. She gains bonus DEF from her Potential bonuses, her Trust bonuses, and her Talent—appropriately called DEF Up—and her Skill, DEF Up α, offers another DEF buff on top of everything else. Because she can Block up to 3 enemies and shrug off their attacks fairly easily, she’s often one of the best Defenders for Doctors to raise early in their Arknights careers.

Being a 3* unit, Beagle can promote to E1, but not to E2, which limits her ability to keep up with higher-rarity Operators. She also has no way to mitigate enemy Arts damage, which becomes increasingly common in higher-end content. Despite this, Beagle remains useful for a surprisingly long time. Doctors often need multiple Defenders to cover different parts of a map, and Beagle’s low rarity means she is cheap to raise and has a comparatively low DP cost. With just a little love, this loyal Defender can put in a lot of good work.

Newbie Tier List Explanation

Solid and cheap to develop. Gets the job done for early/ mid game.

Integrated Strategies Tier List Explanation

General IS Notes

+ Decently tanky.
+ 0 Hope Cost.
- Gets outscaled by enemies eventually.
- Needs healing support to survive past earlygame.

IS2 Specific Notes

Good Relics

Relic Interactions

Recommended Promotion

E1 Max recommended, as it is a pretty low investment.

Skill Upgrade Costs

Level Requisites Materials
1 ➝ 2
2 ➝ 3
3 ➝ 4
4 ➝ 5
5 ➝ 6
6 ➝ 7

Overall Skill Cost

Elite Upgrade Costs

Level Materials

Overall Elite Cost

Total Cost

Operator Profile

Artist Xiàyě Hóng Míng
CV Nana Harumura
CV (EN) Claire Morgan
CV (CN) 王晓彤
CV (KR) 李贤真
Gender Female
Place of Birth Bolívar
Birthday March 2
Race Perro
Height 154cm
Combat Experience
1 year
Infection Status Infection confirmed by medical examination.
Physical Strength Excellent
Mobility Normal
Physiological Endurance Excellent
Tactical Planning Normal
Combat Skill Standard
Originium Adaptability Standard


A frontline Operator on Reserve Op Team A1. She originally came to Rhodes Island with Fang and Kroos. Though immature in some respects, she has gradually displayed professionalism, resilience, and extreme talent. As a result, she has earned the recognition of others as a reliable Operator.

Clinical Analysis

Increase Trust to 25.
Imaging tests have shown the outlines of her internal organs to be indistinct due to abnormal shadows. Originium granules have been detected in her circulatory system, confirming her to be infected with Oripathy.

[Cell-Originium Fusion Rate] 8%
She presents no obvious external symptoms of Oripathy.

[Blood Crystal Density] 0.21u/L
Degree of infection is not yet severe and has not yet brought about a significant physical impact.

Archive File 1

Increase Trust to 50.
Though she lacks flashy skills or the capacity for Arts, Beagle uses her endurance to establish a strong forward defense for her teammates. Though a bit clumsy, she believes that everything will work out as long as she continues to press forward tenaciously. So far, she has only been proven right in this regard.

Archive File 2

Increase Trust to 100.
Her time in a Columbian outskirts garrison was one of the most difficult periods of her life, but also among the most precious. Beagle, along with her close companions Fang and Kroos, worked tirelessly to close the gap between them and the official team members. However, Beagle fell into a deep bout of self-loathing after being infected with Oripathy. She felt that she had become a burden on Fang and Kroos, and that it was her fault they lost everything.

Archive File 3

Increase Trust to 150.
At their lowest point, Fang, Kroos, and Beagle faced expulsion and banishment from the garrison. On Kroos's recommendation, the three of them came to Rhodes Island together. On that day, Beagle resolved to repay the kindness of Fang, Kroos, and everyone who stood beside her.

Archive File 4

Increase Trust to 200.
After witnessing everyone bicker, play, and express joy day after day, Beagle began to feel grateful and happy. Beagle works hard every day to solve disputes that arise between Hibiscus and Lava. She helps Fang find Kroos whenever she is slacking off. She even helps the senior members of Rhodes Island by doing chores in her free time. Time and time through and through, she enjoys every moment of her hard work.

Voice Lines

Appointed as Assistant Doctor, I'm your guard for the day! Don't worry, I won't let any sketchy people near you! Just relax!
Talk 1 My training score for today...? Um, I mean, we could talk about something else...
Talk 2 I can't shake the pre-battle jitters, and that makes Captain Fang really nervous too... What should I do? Doctor!
Talk 3 Hibiscus and Lava always complain to me about each other, but both of them are my good friends, and neither of them are wrong... Doctor, what should I do?
Talk after Promotion 1 Instructor Dobermann always told us, 'Even when after you finish your training, your number one goal on the battlefield is to stay alive.' Urgh... How can I become as strong and awesome as she is?
Talk after Trust Increase 1 I'm still a rookie Operator, but I'm working hard! Hehehe, I'd really love a compliment or two, if you agree.
Talk after Trust Increase 2 My Oripathy? It doesn't bother me all that much, I'm used to it. I just want to be with the people I care about until my disease gets cured... Ughh...
Talk after Trust Increase 3 I didn't have much confidence before I came here, but I'm so glad that I can protect you and everyone on Rhodes Island! It's my dream to protect everyone! I really wish days like these could last forever.
Idle Aww... seeing the Doctor sleeping all vulnerable like that makes me want to doodle something on a certain someone's face...
Onboard My codename is Beagle! I know I didn't do very well on my assessment, but I'll still do my best at my internship!
Watching Battle Record I did it! I've become stronger!
Promotion 1 Finally, FINALLY! Now nobody's going to call me 'the Rookiest Rookie in the Rookieverse' anymore!
Added to Squad I'll do all I can!
Appointed as Squad Leader Huh? I am the leader? I don't feel right about Fang not being the leader...
Depart Everyone, let's roll out!
Begin Operation Everyone, enemies incoming!
Selecting Operator 1 Grant me strength!
Selecting Operator 2 Is it my turn?
Deployment 1 Target location reached!
Deployment 2 This is the place!
In Battle 1 Haah!
In Battle 2 Watch this!
4-star Result It's my duty to protect everyone! My resolve will never falter, no matter the odds!
3-star Result All enemies have been defeated! We Rhodes Island Operators are the finest!
Sub 3-star Result Hooray, we won! Although a few enemies managed to get away... *sigh*...
Operation Failure I'm sorry... so sorry...
Assigned to Facility What can I do for you?
Tap Doctor! Th-That tickles!
Trust Tap Doctor, can I come to your place to study every day?
Title Arknights.
Greeting Hi, Doctor!