Deals AOE Physical damage

Operator Description

Catapult, Sniper Operator of Rhodes Island, is an expert at dealing with large targets.

Operator Quote

She can barely follow the Operator Regulations, but you'll never find her working overtime.

Obtain Approach

Recruitment & Headhunting
Headhunting: Yes Recruitment: Yes
Release Date (CN) 5/23/2019
Release Date (Global) 1/22/2020
Recruitment Pool Date (CN) 12/24/2019
Recruitment Pool Date (Global) 12/30/2020


Potential Item

Catapult's Token A nameplate worn only by soldiers. Now that she is free, she has handed over her glory to you.


DP Cost -1
Talents from Module Upgrades


Arts Resist
Redeploy Time
DP Cost
Attack Interval


SP Cost:
Initial SP:
SP Charge Type
Skill Activation
20 Seconds
22 Seconds
24 Seconds
25 Seconds
27 Seconds
29 Seconds
30 Seconds
Skill Effect
Increases AOE of Normal Attacks to 150%
Increases AOE of Normal Attacks to 150%
Increases AOE of Normal Attacks to 150%
Increases AOE of Normal Attacks to 175%
Increases AOE of Normal Attacks to 175%
Increases AOE of Normal Attacks to 175%
Increases AOE of Normal Attacks to 200%
Detailed Skill Info
attack@range_scale 1.5
attack@range_scale 1.5
attack@range_scale 1.5
attack@range_scale 1.75
attack@range_scale 1.75
attack@range_scale 1.75
attack@range_scale 2

RIIC Base Skills

Communication Lvl: 1
Room Type:
Trading Post
When this Operator is assigned to a Trading Post, order acquisition efficiency +30% and Morale consumed per hour -0.25
Room Type:
When this Operator is assigned to the Workshop to process elite material, the production rate of byproduct increases by 80%

Botzu's Quick Evaluation

+ AOE splash attack, Long Range
+ A cheaper alternative to ShiraYuki
+ A good unit to bring into Annihilation 2 to clear out mobs
+ Skill increases splash of her attack to the size of Meteorite's S1 for a decent duration
- The cheaper costs comes with much lower ATK
- No ATK modifiers or special utility makes all other AoE Snipers generally more useful
- Slow Attack Speed

Operator Overview

"Relax, I set a whole bunch of traps right where the enemy's gonna be running. What? They didn't step in any of them? No way!"

Though she is a bit of a rebellious troublemaker, Catapult has never neglected her duties. Mind you, she does have a tendency to blow stuff up when she’s upset….  Accidental property damage aside, Catapult is a 3★ Operator with the typical AoE Sniper attributes of extended attack range, high Attack, slow Attack Speed, and high Deployment cost.

Lightweight, Catapult’s Talent, reduces her DP cost by 1. Since AoE Snipers are generally expensive to deploy, this may make her worth considering even over higher-rarity options for maps with tight DP restrictions.  Catapult’s one and only Skill, Blast Range Up 𝛂, increases the Area of Effect of her attacks -- useful on maps where enemy groups are spaced such that the increased splash range is significant (like Annihilation: Lungmen Outskirts).

Catapult’s major shortcomings stem from her low rarity.  Lower base stats and the lack of an E2 upgrade mean she won’t have a place on your late-game roster.  For early game, however, you may find that her cheap investment costs and knack for blowing stuff up is exactly what you need to help you progress.

For some more detailed analysis, see our Operator Spotlight: Catapult.

Newbie Tier List Explanation

Can get the job done if she is your only option, but ShiraYuki is much better and fairly accessible from recuitment

Elite Promotion Discussion

Note: Catapult does not gain a Talent improvement upon reaching max Level E1, unlike most other 3 Star Operators.

Integrated Strategies Tier List Explanation

General IS Notes

+ Large range with okay splash damage.
+ S1: Further extends splash radius.
+ 0 Hope Cost.
- Expensive to deploy
- Low impact. Doesn't scale at all past earlygame.
- Large splash radius may hit enemies you don't want to hit yet.
- Generally a worse alternative than Kroos.

IS2 Specific Notes

Good Relics

Relic Interactions

Recommended Promotion

Base Skill Analysis

Is her E1 Base Skill worth the investment cost? 

Maybe. This is the second highest rate possible for this effect, and is matched by few others.  Only Nian has higher. 75% is a rate more commonly attained by Operators, including the Friend Store Operator Gavial. If the increased rate is the difference maker in a proc, it will quickly make up the costs of Catapult’s promotion.  Catapult isn't a particularly strong gameplay investment, however, so if it doesn't proc, the investment many not pay off.  Also, she has a strong Training Post buff, which is available without promotion, and many players will prefer to use her there.

Skill Upgrade Costs

Level Requisites Materials
1 ➝ 2
2 ➝ 3
3 ➝ 4
4 ➝ 5
5 ➝ 6
6 ➝ 7

Overall Skill Cost

Elite Upgrade Costs

Level Materials

Overall Elite Cost

Total Cost

Operator Profile

Artist m9nokuro
CV Junko Minagawa
CV (CN) 伽月
Gender Female
Place of Birth Kazimierz
Birthday Aug. 8
Race Kuranta
Height 163cm
Combat Experience
1 year
Infection Status Crystals visible on surface, infection confirmed by medical report.
Physical Strength Standard
Mobility Excellent
Physiological Endurance Normal
Tactical Planning Normal
Combat Skill Standard
Originium Adaptability Standard


Originally a patient, she was accepted by Rhodes Island because she was found to be incredibly observant in examinations. Assigned to Reserve Op Team A6.

Clinical Analysis

Increase Trust to 25.
Imaging test for this Operator showed blurry outline of internal organs with visible unusual dark spots. Unusually high concentration of Originium particles were present in her circulation, indicating signs of infection and confirming her as infected at this stage.

[Cell-Originium Assimilation] 2%
Crystallization is visible on body surface, with many symptoms of Oripathy.

[Blood Originium-Crystal Density] 0.30u/L
Mid-stage infection but in stable condition. Regular observation and treatment required.

Archive File 1

Increase Trust to 50.
She is a soldier in Reserve Op Team A6.
The problem child of A6, she loves to stick her nose where it doesn't belong and stir the pot.
Catapult is a repeat offender who always gets into trouble and irritates Orchid in particular..

Archive File 2

Increase Trust to 100.
She didn't make a big mess in the last city she served.
The mayor didn't step down, no one suspended the construction of the dam, and the vaults she blew up only accounted for a fraction of the city's revenue.
Just a matter of time before the consequences finally kick in.

Archive File 3

Increase Trust to 150.
Catapult actually enjoys hearing Orchid's critiques, and even deliberately makes her angry sometimes.
Because she knows Orchid means well, she makes trouble for her.

Archive File 4

Increase Trust to 200.
Catapult often avoids responsibility and work. It is hard to say if this is because she is simply rebellious, or something left over from her time in the military, or both.
But she is a good girl, otherwise she wouldn't have blown up the vaults. Although she wasn't happy with it, she did the best she could. In addition, since her time at Rhodes Island, she has never neglected her duty.
If one day Rhodes Island disappoints her, she just might blow something up and leave. Hopefully, that day never comes.

Voice Lines

Appointed as Assistant We got a lot to do today, Doctor. So how about we play some games first? Isn't getting nice and relaxed the best way to prepare for a hard day of work?
Talk 1 Aw, I feel so lazy today for some reason! Maybe because Midnight isn't around? I love watching him chat up girls with that flashy smile of his. It's especially fun when the girls turn him down! Totally makes my day.
Talk 2 Doctor, you know who's the most reliable in our group? Oh, you can't guess? It's Spot! He might be quiet, but he's very reliable. So why don't we get him here to offer a hand? After all there's so much work for only two of us, don't you think?
Talk 3 Aw... Ms. Orchid yelled at me again today. She's such a nag! Must be work getting into her head and stressing her out. She should learn from me—I have the perfect balance between working hard and playing hard!
Talk after Promotion 1 Hey, where's Dobermann? She's out on business today? Yay, finally! I can slack off all day now, wonderful! I'm gonna go get some snacks first. Doctor, you want some chips or popcorn? I'll grab a bag for you!
Talk after Trust Increase 1 Uh, Popukar, sweetie, please listen to me, I'll do anything you say, okay? J-just put down the chainsaw! Oh no, she's out of control! This is the worst! Doctor, run! Run! We gotta jump out the window! Yeah, the window! Follow me!
Talk after Trust Increase 2 The town I came from... the mayor was a tyrant, a fat cat with no heart, no sympathy. Drove the townspeople nuts. I hated him too, so I blasted open his vault and handed out all the money I found to the townies. Now that was a good time!
Talk after Trust Increase 3 I don't care what anybody thinks of me—it's more important that I just enjoy every day doing what I like. My life belongs to me, so I alone decide what I do. Isn't that right?
Idle Doctor's asleep? Well, can't interrupt a beauty nap. Guess I'll go out and have some fun.
Onboard Reserve OP Team A6, Catapult, reporting in! Hey, I can tell you're hella different from that stuffy old bit—I mean, that esteemed, honorable instructor Ms. Dobermann. Right? Like it's obvious!
Watching Battle Record ...Ahhh, that was a nice nap.
Promotion 1 Hehe, I finally finished basic training. Wait, what? Dobermann will keep overseeing the newbies, even AFTER their promotions? You gotta be kidding me! No—
Added to Squad It's not time to head out yet, right? Let me hang out for a bit longer...
Appointed as Squad Leader I'm the captain? Haha~I've been waiting forever to hear those words!
Depart Aw man, where did I leave my ammunition belt?
Begin Operation Ugh, I hate fighting. But what else can I do?
Selecting Operator 1 What's up?
Selecting Operator 2 Whatever you say.
Deployment 1 Safe landing!
Deployment 2 Time for business.
In Battle 1 Watch how I get them with one shot!
In Battle 2 You're all gonna fly!
4-star Result What an awesome formation! You got some great tactics, Doctor. And it all went down perfect!
3-star Result I love commanders that lead us to victory! Just like you, Doctor!
Sub 3-star Result Relax, I set a whole bunch of traps right where the enemy's gonna be running. What? They didn't step in any of them? No way!
Operation Failure Oh shoot! Hurry up, Doctor. We gotta move!
Assigned to Facility Psst, care to take a peek and tell me if Dobermann's in there?
Tap You can't catch me! ...Oh, you can.
Trust Tap Doctor, you're an awesome leader!
Title Arknights.
Greeting Doctor! I'm right here!

Operator Records

Record: Break Free
Unlock: E1, Level 55, Trust Required: 50
Record: Change
Unlock: E1, Level 55, Trust Required: 200

Paradox Stages

Stage Name: mem_catap_1
Unlock: E1, Level 55
Catapult's weapon lets her deal smoothly with enemy clusters. If the need arises, she can even pressurize her weapon, stepping her ammo's explosion radius up a notch. So long as she has squadmates who can tackle the occasional hard targets, she'll be ready to mop up the remaining marks with her cannon, nice and clean.