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Controls a Drone that deals Arts Damage. ATK increases every time the Drone attacks the same enemy (Stacks are limited)
Translation Credits: Kawa and Yu Wenzhou#7776

Operator Overview

"Hi everyone, welcome to Click’s channel! Huh? I can’t stream in the Doctor’s room? Aw, alright..."


“Whose drone is this? It’s different from the Rhodes Island’s standard.”

“It’s not like we don’t already fix and maintain tons of non standard drones already.”



“Then who does this belong to?”

“Hit the keyboard.” Click.

“Oh... Whohoho!”

“I know!”

“Hurry up. Later on the little zalak will be needing those drones when she heads out for her broadcast later.”


Click is a 4★ ST Caster of a type that is a bit different from any other that has appeared in Arknights!.  She brings to battle a Drone partner that attacks enemies, and when Skill 2 is activated, "locks on" and follows them, dogging their steps with Stuns no matter where they go!

Talents and Skills

Trait: Controls a Drone that deals Arts Damage.  ATK increases every time the Drone attacks the same enemy (Stacks are limited)

Talent: Click and the Drone have increased ASPD

Skill 1:During skill duration, increase ATK

Skill 2: During Skill duration, ATK and Attack Range increased, Click and the Drone have a chance to Stun enemy on hit, and Drone "locks on" to current enemy, attacking it until either the enemy dies or the Skill Duration ends.  When Skill ends, Drone returns to Click.

First Impressions

Note: These are first impressions and based on conjecture since we don’t know the exact details. 

It is unclear whether Click represent a new Archetype of Caster, or just a twist on what is, essentially, only a small mechanical different from other ST Casters.  The Skill ability to "lock on" to a target and follow it on the map (assumably regardless of range) is certainly unique, especially since it applies a potential Stun.  This could create unique opportunities to focus or control particularly annoying enemies for extended periods of time.

it does not appear that the Drone will be treated like Summons.  It looks like it will always deploy with Click and have no additional costs.  Whether it has a separate stat line is unknown, nor whether it can be targeted and killed (though it seems very unlikely).  We'll find out soon!

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