Arknights Crosswords Guide: 10/16-10/17

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Test Your Lore Skills!

Recently Arknights Twitter put out a new Crossword Challenge, a grueling challenge that runs Doctors' lore knowledge through Annihilation for a shot at 300 Orundum.  Fortunately, we got the open textbook here (SPOILERS!!) to help everyone pass.  If you end up being one of 6!!! lucky winners, we hope you enjoy a one day vacation from Annihilation!

1. Exusiai's Token

With the power of a Super Exusiai Token, she gains 2% more Attack and 3% more HP on her talent.  Truly, Emperor is the best!

2. Ch'ens Biggest Fans?

(Hint: search for Clinical Analysis)

When your employer doesn't want your medical records to be public.  Not only that, but the files themselves were confiscated from Rhodes Island.  Perhaps someone wants to keep Ch'en a bit too close...

3. Ch'en's Pet Plant

Spoiler: The answer is below.

Trivia: This plant is mislabeled in terms of plant family in-game, but we can attribute that to the difference in Terra taxonomy.  It is based off the Snake Plant, but in Japanese/Chinese it is called the Tiger's Tail.  It could be poking fun at Ch'en's rivalry with Lil' Miss Swire, but does having a Tiger in her office make them… roommates?

4. Ifrit's Repentance

(Hint - Search for "Desk")

After promotion, Ifrit seems to be having second thoughts about burning everything.  She left a few gifts in repentance.  Maybe it's a return gift for the dried sandworm and peppers.

5. Cuora's Favorite Sport

(Hint: search for “Archive File 1”)

The Great Columbian Pastime.  Kind of hard to play since Rhodes Island probably doesn't have an indoor stadium, but that probably won't stop Cuora from trying.  Just don't play near the labs.

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