C6: Community Content Creator Contingency Contract Challenge!

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Instructions (If you Dare to accept them)

Several amazing Content Creators have prepared for you a Contingency Contract Challenge!  To test your wits and help prepare you for the CC Event that is coming our way very soon!  Prizes will be awarded to players who participate! (Details, rules, and submission instructions can be found below!)

  • If you are unfamiliar with the basics of the CC Event, then start here.  We will assume you know what things like Contracts and Risk Levels are.
  • Obviously, Contract restrictions must be self-imposed.
  • For each Challenge, the content creator has specified a map and set of challenge specific Contracts that can be selected.
  • In addition to the Challenge-specific Contracts, a set of "General" Contracts can be selected as well, listed at the bottom of the page.  There's a few rules on applying Risk Levels that will be explained in a bit.

Event Rules

  • Select a stage to clear.  Any stage is possible, but only the Content Creator selected stages will be eligible for the Risk 13+ Prize Pool.  Custom stages are still eligible for the general participation prize pool.  
  • General Contracts and Content Creator Contracts each have an assigned risk level.  The total risk level will be the sum of contracts taken.
  • Those attempting to clear Risk Level 13 or under can use any combination of General Contracts and Content Creator Contracts specific to the Challenge.
  • For those attempting to clear greater than Risk 13, there is an order to adding Risk Levels.  First, the clear must have 13 Risk Levels from General Contracts to be considered valid.  Next, the Content Creator Risks specific to the challenge are added.  If the participant intends on adding even more risk once all Content Creator Risks are exhausted, they can continue adding on General Risks as available.
  • The Event Period is 5/25 to 6/14 23:59 UTC-7.

Clear Submission

Submissions will be done via this form:

Community Content Creator Contingency Contract Challenge Clear Submission Form

You will be asked to provide the following via the form:

  • Link to Clear a video via your favorite video hosting service (preferably Youtube) 
  • List of Challenge-specific and General Contracts chosen
  • Operators used

The following is optional:

  • Anything you'd like us to know about your setup/ strategy/ thoughts on why you should win the raffle.


There will be two pools of rewards:

General Participation: 

  • Any participant who submits a successful clear.  Even choosing just one risk counts as a valid entry; we want everyone to participate regardless of skill level!
  • 3 prizes of $20 Google Play/iTunes App Store Gift Cards, winner's choice.

Challenge Participation: 

  • Any participants who submit a valid clear with risk level above Risk Level 13.
  • 2 prizes of $20 Google Play/iTunes App Store Gift Cards, winner's choice.

Winning participants and their videos will be shared when the event ends.  The staff will also pick out a few of their favorite clears to share as well.


The highest valid risk clears for each Challenge will be showcased on a leaderboard.  Aim for the top!

C6 Leaderboards

Content Creator Challenges (CCCs)

In this section you will find the different Challenges presented to you by our EN community Content Creators.  Each Challenge specifies a map and a set of map-specific Contracts that each person has created themselves.  There is also a list of general Contracts at the bottom of this page that can be added to any Challenge to increase the Risk Level.

Haku's Tutorial


Content Creator: Haukurai 

Youtube ChannelLink to Haku's Exotic Dancing Youtube Channel

Content Creator: Haku
Challenge Name: Haku's Tutorial
Stage: 5-10
Icon Name Risk Level Description
Wizards Untie No Caster Operators are allowed
Hippocratic Oath No Medic Operators are allowed
Challenge Mode Complete the stage in Challenge Mode
No Bargain Special Challenge - Eliminate Mephisto as fast as possible.

Peacecow's Problematic Task


Content Creator: Peacecow

Youtube Channel: Peacecow

Content Creator: Peacecow
Challenge Name: Peacecow's Problematic Task
Stage: H5-4
Icon Name Risk Level Description
Faust's Delight No Defenders allowed
Slow Reflexes Cannot deploy units on the 3 bottom-most melee tiles of the left-most column.
Focused Healing Can't use AoE (Multi-target) Medics
Low Ammunition No Snipers allowed

Recommended General Contracts

  • No Ranged
  • Autopilot
  • Universal Basic Income
  • Parachute Shortage
  • Low Stars 3

Eckogen's Low Stars All Stars


Content Creator: Eckogen

Youtube Channel: Eckogen

Content Creator: Eckogen
Challenge Name: Eckogen's Low Stars All Stars
Stage: H5-1
Icon Name Risk Level Description
Paragon No Operator deaths (retreating is okay)
Underdog Deploy at least one 2 star Operator (Operator must participate in the battle).

Recommended General Contracts

  • Low Stars 2

  • None Escape

  • Hang In There

  • One Shot

  • Universal Basic Income

Tectone's Tricky Turmoil


Content Creator: Tectone

Youtube Channel: Tectone

Content Creator: Tectone
Challenge Name: Tectone's Tricky Turmoil
Stage: CE-5
Icon Name Risk Level Description
It's My Main The whole team must consist of only one class. i.e. All Guards, because Guardknights.
CONGA Can deploy on only 1 of the horizontal lanes.
YOU SHALL NOT PASS Cannot attack the big fatties on the left (Heavy Defender Leaders) until they have started moving.
Trust me I'm F2P Team Limited to 3 Operators.

Xlice's Sadistic Faust


Content Creator: Xlice

Youtube Channel: Xlice



Content Creator: Xlice
Challenge Name: Sadistic Faust
Stage: H5-4
Icon Name Risk Level Description
Hippocratic Oath No Medic Operators Allowed
Master of Invention Include at least 1 Summoner

Recommended General Contracts

  • None Escape

  • Smaller Team 2

  • Parachute Shortage 3

  • Waifus Only

Beyoond's Floor is Lava!


Content Creator: Beyoond

Youtube Channel: Beyoond



Content Creator: Beyoond
Challenge Name: Floor is Lava
Stage: LS-5
Icon Name Risk Level Description
THE WORLD No Melee Operators may be deployed (Still Allowed in-team for passive buffs). *This risk counts for an additional 13 General Risk Levels, which means clearing the stage with at least this Risk alone qualifies for a 13+ Risk clear.
One Star Wonder Must Bring At Least 1 Robot.

Wander's Wicked Wasteland

Content Creator: WanderinSoulMIV

Twitch Channel: WanderinSoulMIV



Content Creator: WanderinSoulMIV
Challenge Name: Wander's Wicked Wasteland
Stage: AP-5
Icon Name Risk Level Description
Hippocratic Oath EX No Medic Operators Allowed
Can't Touch This Blocking Enemies is Prohibited (Blocking is defined when enemies are unable to progress due to their path being blocked by an operator)

Chendroshee's Throwback


Content Creator: Chendroshee

Youtube Channel: Chendroshee

Content Creator: Chendroshee
Challenge Name: Chendroshee's Throwback
Stage: H5-3
Icon Name Risk Level Description
Women In Black Must bring Blue Poison and Ptilopsis. Doesn't need to deploy them.
The Way I Did It Back Then Can't deploy Eyjafjalla, Ifrit, Astesia, Schwarz, and Myrtle.
Hard Mode? If you use Ptilopsis, Perfumer, and/or SilverAsh, none of them can use their active skill.
Brute Force If you bring Lappland, you can't use her S2.
EXTREME MODE E2 Operators are prohibited from deployment. (Note: this is a bonus Risk and is not required to continue adding more General Risks once all creator risks are completed)

General Contracts

Operator Restriction Contracts

Smaller Team
(Select only 1)
Icon Name Risk Level Description
Smaller Team 1 Team Limited to 10 Operators
Smaller Team 2 Team Limited to 7 Operators
Smaller Team 3 Team Limited to 5 Operators
Low Stars
(Select only 1)
Icon Name Risk Level Description
Low Stars 1 Team Limited to 5* Operators or Below
Low Stars 3 Team Limited to 4* Operators or Below
Range Restriction
(Select only 1)
Icon Name Risk Level Description
No Ranged Only Melee Operators Allowed
No Melee Only Ranged Operators Allowed
With Love
(Select any)
Icon Name Risk Level Description
Universal Basic Income Must Deploy One of the following: Savage, Grani, Ceylon, Flamebringer
Husbandos Only Male Operators Allowed
Waifus Only Female Operators Allowed
Team Theme Operators Must be in the same Faction.

Deployment Restriction Contracts

(Select only 1)
Icon Name Risk Level Description
Masochism 1 Must deploy at least 1 Operator on a stage hazard. (i.e. Originium Runes, Lava/Flaming Tiles, being in range of a Ballista, etc.)
Masochism 2 Must deploy at least 2 Operators on a stage hazard. (i.e. Originium Runes, Lava/Flaming Tiles, being in range of a Ballista, etc.)
Parachute Shortage
(Select only 1)
Icon Name Risk Level Description
Parachute Shortage 1 Max Deployment Limit -1
Parachute Shortage 2 Max Deployment Limit -2
(Select only 1)
Icon Name Risk Level Description
Hoarder 1 Cannot go below 5 DP
Hoarder 2 Cannot go below 10 DP
One Time Use
Icon Name Risk Level Description
One Time Use Cannot Redeploy Operators

Skill Restriction Contracts

Skill Restrictions
(Select only 1)
Icon Name Risk Level Description
The Basics Must Have all Operators' Skill 1 Equipped
One Shot Can only use each manual skill once per stage
Autopilot Can only use Passive (non-manual) Skills

General Restriction Contracts

General Contracts
Icon Name Risk Level Description
None Escape No Enemies Escape (Level HP set to 1)
Hang In There Operator Jessica must be alive by the end of the stage.

C5: Community Created Contingency Contract Challenge!

Want to join in on the fun of creating challenges as well? Here's a sign up sheet where you can design your challenge and post them for people to try out!

C5 Challenge Submit LinkC5 Viewing Link

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you use Practice Mode for your clear?

  • Yes.  We even recommend it to save stamina, which is all too precious in this game.

Are Support Units Allowed?

  • Yes, Support Units are allowed, but must still conform to the risks chosen.  I.e. With the Waifus only risk, Ansel is (unfortunately) not allowed.

Are the rewards based on the highest risk level possible?

  • No.  Rewards are randomly selected from each participant pool.  Just like Contingency Contract, after a certain risk level there are no other (tangible) rewards aside from prestige and bragging rights.  Edit: As of 5/29/2020, the first pool is now a General Participation pool (every entry included).  The Risk 13+ pool remains the same.

How many times can I submit a clear?

  • You can submit a clear as many times as you want, but will only be entered in the drawing once.

Can CN Players participate?

  • Yes, CN, JP, and KR players may participate in this event as well. The more the merrier!


Contract Selection

Are the Challenge Specific Contracts required for the clear?

  • No.  Challenge Specific contracts are not inherently required for the clear unless you are trying to go above Risk Level 13.  Otherwise, you are free to mix and match them as you like!

Can you clarify how the risk levels stack together?

  • There are two cases for risk levels, if you are doing 13 and below category, or above 13.  
  • For Risk Level 13 and below, you can choose any of the General Risk Contracts and Content Creator Contracts.  I.e. For Haku's Tutorial you can take Challenge Mode and Parachute Shortage for a valid sub-13 clear.
  • For Higher than Risk Level 13, at least 13 Risk Levels must come from the General Contracts.  Any additional risks must come from the Content Creator Contracts.  I.e. For Haku's Tutorial I hit Risk 13 with Smaller Team 3(3), No Ranged(3), Parachute Shortage 2(3), One Time Use(3), and Univeral Basic Income (1).  Then I take Challenge Mode (3) and Wizards Untie (3), for a total risk of 19 (13 + 6).  

Can I use a Content Creator's Contract on a different Content Creator's Challenge?

  • Unfortunately, no.  The Content Creator specific contracts are designed for their stages choices.

Specific Contract Clarification

For 5-10, how does the Hoarder Risk work since I start at 0 DP?

  • It is ok to be at 0 DP at the start, but you must maintain the target DP whenever possible.  Once you hit 5/10 DP you cannot go below it.

How are Summoners/Summons Counted?

  • Summoners count as one Operator with regards to Team Building (i.e. the screen before starting the stage).
  • Summoners and their summons count as one Operator each in terms of Deployment (i.e. Mayer and 2 Miibos count as 3 units towards deployment.
  • Drones (like from Silence) do not count as summons, and deploying them does not count as using active skills.
  • Deploying summons also do not count as using active skills, but using the summoner's active skills (i.e Mayer's Detonate and Recyle) does.
  • Deploying summons again after using a skill to recall them counts as redeploying the summon.
  • Summons that count as melee are banned if the no melee risk is taken.  This includes Deepcolor's Tentacles, Mayer's Meebos, and Magellan's Drones if she is using S1 or S2 (S3 is ranged).  Likewise, melee deployables, like Nightingale's Phantom, are unable to be deployed, but Silence's Drone, which is "ranged", is deployable.

Clarification on Autopilot 

  • Operators with Manual Skills equipped are allowed to be deployed, but cannot use their skills.  

Clarifications on Masochism

  • Do the tiles Ballistas hit count as hazards even before they show up? The tile would still count as a hazard tile from the start, just not yet activated.
  • Hazards that result from enemies, such as the Frost drone, do not count towards Masochism.
  • Healing runes do not count as stage hazards since they heal your Operators.  Unless you count free healthcare for your operators as a hazard to your pharmaceutical monopoly.  You monster.

Clarification on Team Theme Factions

  • The entire team must consist of one faction (i.e. a full team of Rhine Lab members)
  • The Contract does not require that all members of the faction be present.

Content Creators 

I'm a Content Creator and think this is cool.  Can I get in on making a challenge?

  • Sure!  Message me at Hakurai#1379 on Discord and we can start!  Do note we define content creators to be someone who has consistently created content for Arknights and gathered a regular following (roughly 2k Youtube followers).  If you create content on different platforms, let me know and we can check it out.  

What if I want to make challenges but am not a large content creator?

  • Don't worry, we are working on a way to host community challenge creation as well, for those who are excited by the challenge and want to create their own!