Good Time to Gacha: Arknights

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What is Arknights?

Maybe you've seen a few official advertisements for Arknights.  Maybe they should've just used their music videos instead.  Despite a baffling advertising campaign, Arknights is a Tower Defense game that many have hyped, and for good reason.  The combination of strong gameplay, inspiring characters, and also high production values really comes together to create a memorable game that made a splash beyond just the mobage community into a cultural hit.  If you have been wondering if Arknights is the game for you, now is a great time to give it a shot!

You might like Arknights if you are interested in: 

  • Premium gameplay and production value in a Mobile Game.
  • Improved and refined Tower Defense Gameplay.
  • A strategic game that  allows you to find your own solutions.
  • Pity systems that limit bad luck streaks
  • Can farm for premium currency.
  • No PvP - all events are completely PvE.  
  • Very little power creep - launch units still meta over a year after launch.
  • You always wanted to see an explicitly post-apocalyptic Kemono Friends.
  • The game can get pretty brutal (on challenge stages) and you are a challenge masochist.
  • You can fulfill your parent's dream of becoming a doctor (in-game).

You might not like Arknights if: 

  • You don’t like Tower Defense gameplay
  • You want to be able to do a lot of f2p grinding.  The stamina system is very limited.  Arknights is often described as a side-game because of the low time investment required outside of certain events.
  • You want a lot of free premium pulls.  The pity systems do a good job of keeping high rarity Operators coming regularly, but the game doesn’t give out massive amounts of free currency.

Why is Now a Great Time to Start?

Half Anniversary Free Goodies

Happy Half Anniversary!  Now hand over the free summons.  Arknights doesn't disappoint, with not 1, but 2 different sign-in events, giving out a variety of summoning mats and more over the event duration.  Logging in during the event period grants:

  • One 10x Headhunting Permit: a free ten-roll!
  • Up to ten 1x Headhunting Permits, one for logging in each day.
  • Half Year Anniversary Red Envelopes - Free Orundum (premium currency) in various quantities, which means even more rolls!
  • Free Specialist Operator Snowsant - obtainable by participating in the event.
  • Free Jessica Skin - Cute catgirl gets an Anniversary skin - what more can you ask for?

Literal Good Time to Gacha

What's an anniversary without good banners?  During this event there will be two banners active, each with coveted characters that are strong in their own right.

  • Banner with Nian, a limited Operator.  With all the bonuses, you can reroll for her!  Read up on her below:
  • Banner featuring SilverAsh. SilverAsh is one of the strongest characters in the game and continues to be relevant even in CN, well over a year after launch.  If you aren’t too enamored by the Limited Operator and want to prioritize gameplay, and are planning on rerolling, SilverAsh should probably be your target!  You can read about him below:

Bang For Your Buck

Already taken with Arknights and can't wait to drop some cash on it?  Well, do they have good news for you! There are some pretty good deals going on during the Half Anniversary event:

  • Half Anniversary Pack - (EN Pricing unknown) This pack includes 51 Originite Prime (Premium currency worth about 15 rolls), one 10x Head Hunting ticket, 1000 Furniture Parts, and 2020 Orundum (worth about 3 rolls)
  • Half Anniversary Resource Pack - (EN Pricing unknown)  gets you 90 Originite Prime (premium currency worth about 3 ten-rolls), one 10x Headhunting Permit, and a bunch of enhancement materials like EXP.  In comparison, buying around 90 Originite Prime directly would cost $50 by itself.
  • Half Anniversary Skins - these skins will only be available during this period for a while, so if you end up liking the characters, you should get them!  For more information, check out our Should You Purchase below!

Beginner Resources

If you decide to take the plunge, our beginner guides can help you get started on the right foot! (featured item links to the beginner guide and tips for new players guide)

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