Arknights: Should You Pull? Deep Drown Lament—Skadi the Corrupting Heart, Kal’tsit

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Deep Drown Lament: Skadi the Corrupting Heart, Kal’tsit

Featured Operators:

Rarity Operator
6★ Rate Up Skadi the Corrupting Heart (Limited) - Aura Supporter
Kal'tsit - Summoner Medic
5★ Rate Up Akafuyu - Enmity Guard
  • 6★ Rate-Ups have a 70% chance of appearing when pulling a 6★
  • W has 5 times the weight value in the remaining 6★ pool of 30%
  • 5★ Rate-Ups have a 50% chance of appearing when pulling a 5★
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Should You Pull?

YES. Many Doctors have been saving for this banner, and not without justification.

  • Skadi the Corrupting Heart is a limited Aura Supporter. She can provide huge permanent buffs to nearby allies or melt enemies into goo with Pure damage.
  • Kal’tsit is allegedly an ST Medic. In practice, she’s a Summoner Supporter whose minion is a massive AoE Guard. 
  • Akafuyu is an Enmity Guard. She’s definitely the most underwhelming unit on the banner, but she’s not bad, especially if you have a limited roster.
  • W is a limited AoE Sniper who punishes enemies for A) being on the ground or B) being next to each other. She’s fun, effective, and an anti-hero.

You should not pull on this banner just because there are limited units on it. Be aware of what these Operators do and whether you really want them before you make your final decision. (However, chances are good that you do in fact really want them. This is an excellent banner.)

Quick Overview

Aura Supporter

+ Usual archetype strengths: Low DP cost, Trait gives HP Regen to nearby allies

+ Can summon a Seaborn that serves as an extension of her attack range

+ E2 Talent is basically a free ATK buff, since it’s very unlikely you would ever leave Skadi without an ally within her attack range

+ S1 makes Skadi much tankier and causes her to take part of the damage that allies within range would take, spreading out the damage so it’s easier to survive (and it also increases her regen strength)

+ S2 grants a permanent Inspire buff that increases ATK and DEF to all allies within Skadi’s range (and it also increases her regen strength)

+ S3 inflicts Pure damage on all enemies within range of Skadi or her Seaborn; if an enemy is in range of both, it takes the Pure damage twice

+ S3 is also a huge ATK-buffing Inspire effect to all allies within range, which is often stronger than the Pure damage being dealt

= Cannot be used as part of the same squad as Skadi (this is more of a downside for regular Skadi, though)

- As a limited unit, increasing her Potential can be difficult and/or expensive, though it is not necessary

- Usual archetype drawbacks: cannot stack different kinds of Inspire buffs

- S3 turns off Skadi’s regen and causes her to take damage instead over the duration; without a source of external healing, this Skill is guaranteed to kill her when used (she does 100% of her max HP as damage over 20 seconds)

ST Medic

+ Has a longer attack range than any other currently existing ST Medic

+ Can summon Mon3tr, a fast-redeploy Block-3 bruiser of a unit

+ At E2, Mon3tr inflicts Pure damage and Stun on all nearby enemies when defeated

+ Skills have low SP costs

+ S1 makes Kal’tsit and Mon3tr very tanky for a short duration, with DEF increases for both and Physical Dodge for Kal’tsit

+ S2 turns Mon3tr into an AoE Guard and dramatically increases Kal’tsit’s healing speed for the duration

+ S3 gives Mon3tr a huge DEF buff and a decaying ATK buff and turns its attacks into Pure damage; currently, this is the best source of Pure damage in Arknights

- Kal’tsit herself has very low ATK and prioritizes healing herself and Mon3tr over any other ally, so she’s not a good Medic for healing purposes

- You have to deploy Kal’tsit before deploying Mon3tr, and both cost DP, so she can be a bit slow to get up and running. Also, both of them count toward the deploy limit, so she takes up 2 Operator spots.

- If Mon3tr is deployed outside of Kal’tsit’s attack range, it has 0 DEF, which can be bad

- S2 and S3 cannot be used unless Mon3tr is deployed and they automatically end if Mon3tr dies; Kal’tsit will not even gain SP for these Skills unless Mon3tr is on the field

- If Mon3tr doesn’t kill at least one enemy during S3, it takes half its max HP as damage when the Skill ends

Enmity Guard

+ Usual archetype strengths: Extremely high HP and ATK, recovers HP when attacking an enemy, ASPD increases as HP falls

+ S1 gives her Block-0, an ATK buff, and the ability to hit twice per attack

+ Giving herself Block-0 can allow her to avoid tough melee enemies that she doesn’t want to duel

+ S2 reduces her current HP (triggering her Talent), buffs her ATK/ DEF, and gives her one charge of a Shield that negates an incoming attack

= Has Block-1 (typical of Enmity Guards)

= Generally has more survivability but less DPS than other Enmity Guards

= Skills are quick to charge, but also do not have very long durations

- Usual archetype weaknesses: Can't be healed directly (although regen does work) and has a high DP cost

- Defensive units have a harder time finding a niche in the current Arknights meta

- S1 does a lot of damage but makes her less self-sufficient, since she needs help from allies to keep enemies in her attack range during S1’s Block-0

AoE Sniper

+ Usual archetype strengths: very long attack range, deals splash damage with attacks

+ Increases damage taken by Stunned units who are within her (huge) attack range

+ All Skills deal large physical damage and Stun targets

+ S2 slows the approach of ground-based enemies unless they’re immune to Stun. Can fill an area with mines during gaps in attacking.

+ S3 deals multiple instances of splash damage to multiple targets; if enemies are grouped together, they will all take damage multiple times, resulting in massive burst

- As a limited unit, increasing her Potential can be difficult and/or expensive, though it is not necessary

- Usual archetype downsides: High DP cost and slow ASPD

- Because of her slow ASPD, she doesn’t usually trigger her Talent’s bonus damage with her own regular attacks

Skadi the Corrupting Heart

Skadi the Corrupting Heart E2

Skadi the Corrupting Heart (or Skalter, as the fandom calls her) is an alternate version of Skadi that is accidentally destroying the world with her Grey-Goo-inducing siren song. Although the power of her voice seems to be causing her to deteriorate as well as the people around her, she's still got the wherewithal to help Rhodes Island. And talk about helping! She’s equipped with HP regeneration, monstrous Inspire buffs, and face-melting Pure damage, and she uses a Seaborn mouthpiece to throw her voice (literally) to any part of the field she pleases. And she does it all in a cute little idol singer ensemble. Blatant fanservice or barbed comment on the music industry? You decide!


Kal'tsit E2

Kal’tsit has been a fan favorite for a long time, and there’s no shortage of Doctors who have been waiting for her to stop nagging in the background and take the frontline role she's clearly capable of. And oh boy, does she not disappoint! In synch with her monstrous assistant Mon3tr, Kal’tsit can take any enemy formation—from a mob of small fry to a massive boss—and tear them up like junk mail. What’s that? A Medic should be “helping others”? Look, if you can’t take care of yourself, don’t expect Kal’tsit to do it for you.


Akafuyu E2

Akafuyu is blind as a bat and probably drunk to boot… so clearly she’s perfectly suited for the battlefield! How she even figures out where the enemy is, we’re not too sure, but that doesn’t stop her from slicing and dicing all comers with her defensive Nobukage-ryu fighting style.


W E2

Everybody loves a good villain! Sardonic, sadistic, and stylish, W brings her full suite of sneaky subterfuge to the battlefield with AoE grenades, Stunning landmines, and a Talent that increases the damage dealt to Stunned enemies within her range. If you’re expecting this double agent to fight fair, you’ll be sorely disappointed. And also probably on fire.

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