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Erg Passenger: Passenger

The "Erg Passenger” Banner features the following Operators:

Featured Operators:

Rarity Operator
6★ Rate Up Passenger - Chain Caster
5★ Rate Up Toddifons - Heavyweight Sniper
Sesa - AoE Sniper
  • 6★ Rate-Ups have a 50% chance of appearing when pulling a 6★
  • 5★ Rate-Ups have a 50% chance of appearing when pulling a 5★
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Should You Pull?

Probably not.

In sharp contrast to his initial arrival, Passenger has actually become a pretty good Caster. His archetype got buffed, the Module system gave him extremely valuable tools, and he's a monster in IS#2 with the right artifacts. The only issue is that Eyjafjalla and now Goldenglow usually outclass him, making him more of a luxury unit for the occasions where he really gets to shine rather than a solid cornerstone unit who's going to carry you through difficult content. He is perfectly usable (and extremely fun), but you might be better off saving your Orundum for stronger units to come.

As with all banners, a 5★ or higher Operator is guaranteed in the first 10 rolls. Should you pull for that? No. Neither Toddifons nor Sesa are worth the resources, especially with the Rage of the Cliffs and Abyss Corrosion banners close at hand.

Quick Overview

Chain Caster

+ Usual archetype strengths: Has “chain lightning” attacks that can jump through multiple targets if enemies are arranged correctly

+ S2 increases his attack range, reduces his attack interval, and increases the number of targets his chain lightning can bounce between, giving him long-range sustained damage

+ S3 quickly rains multiple attacks on random enemies within a huge range, doing increased damage and Slowing with each shot; this Skill destroys groups and single targets alike due to its high burst output

+ Range on S3 can be used to target enemies outside of Passenger's range, and since his attacks jump around, S3 offers even wider range coverage than it initially seems

= Usual archetype dilemma: Better than a ST Caster when enemies are close together, and better than an AoE Caster when enemies are spread out, but worse when the opposite is true

- Usual archetype weaknesses: High DP cost; low base ATK and slow ASPD reduces potential DPS 

- High SP costs

Heavyweight Sniper

+ Usual archetype strengths: Wide attack range, high base ATK, prioritizes heavy enemies

+ Does bonus damage to Sarkaz enemies (Talent)

+ S1 reduces the target’s DEF and increases their aggro, causing allied Operators within range to prioritize that target

+ S2 does AoE damage and is good for thinning out crowds

= The “taunt” from S1 can be very effective for redirecting other Operators to target a specific enemy, but it can also pull Operators away from attacking other important targets if used thoughtlessly

- Usual archetype weaknesses: Slow attack speed reduces her overall DPS

- S1 only affects one enemy with each use

- S2’s damage is spread across two hits and it has no DEF-lowering properties, so the damage is greatly reduced against enemies with high DEF

AoE Sniper

+ Usual archetype strengths: huge attack range, attacks deal splash damage

+ Increases the Physical damage dealt to all blocked enemies on the field from all Operators (Talent)

+ One of the few Operators who can debuff enemy ASPD (S2), which is a great way to reduce enemy DPS

- Usual archetype weaknesses: high DP cost, slow ASPD, reduced effectiveness against single targets or high-DEF targets, needs to be promoted to E2 for maximum attack range

- Notably lower DPS than fellow AoE Sniper Meteorite; inferior version of W, whom many Doctors pulled for heavily (because she is a limited Operator)

- Particularly fast enemies can run right past his slow-to-detonate S2 shots and avoid the damage/ debuff


Passenger E2

Passenger harnesses thunderstorms as weapons with a complicated array of homemade machinery. He has much in common with these storms: both are beautiful to look at, but dangerous to be around. His chain lightning attacks flicker across the field to strike unsuspecting foes at great distance, and his S3 rains awe-inspiring bolts of lightning that Slow any target they don’t instantly slay.


Toddifons E2

Toddifons probably doesn’t look like she belongs on the battlefield… until you see the colossal arbalest she carts around with her. Of course, if you can see the arbalest, it’s probably too late for you already: Toddifons is either firing a Signal Arrow that calls the attention of all of her friends, or a Portable Castle-Breaching Arrow that will do massive damage and then explode in an AoE to do even more.


Sesa E2

Sesa is a genius with explosives, but not in the way you might think. His stand-out feature is his S2, where he uses his specially modified grenades to reduce enemy attack speed. Almost any enemy becomes a lot less dangerous when you can kill them before they can even start to fight back!

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