Arknights: Should You Pull? Holiday Stars: Ch’en the Holungday

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Holiday Stars: Ch’en the Holungday

Featured Operators:

Rarity Operator
6★ Rate Up Ch'en The Holungday - Spreadshooter Sniper
Mizuki - Stalker Specialist
5★ Rate Up La Pluma - Reaper Guard
  • 6★ Rate-Ups have a 70% chance of appearing when pulling a 6★
  • 5★ Rate-Ups have a 50% chance of appearing when pulling a 5★
Test out your luck for this banner on our:[Summer Stars] Summon Simulator!


  • [Holiday Stars] is a [Limited Headhunting · Carnival] Series Headhunting.
  • [Limited Headhunting · Carnival] Series banners are [Limited Headhunting] banners.
  • New operators [Mizuki] and [La Pluma] will permanently join the [Standard Headhunting] pool after the banner ends.
  • New operator [Ch'en the Holungday] is a limited Operator in [Limited Headhunting · Carnival] Series, and won’t join any [Standard Headhunting].

Should You Pull?

Do you want to shatter the challenge of Arknights into a thousand salty pieces? Then yes.

Mizuki is passable and La Pluma is a cool new archetype for the Arknights cast, but the power player on this banner is Ch’en the Holungday, Ch’en’s Alter unit (like Skadi the Corrupting Heart is to Skadi). Ch’en the Holungday (or Chalter, as we’ll call her here) is such an incredibly broken unit that she single-handedly redefines the meta.

No, we’re not exaggerating.

Since Chalter is a limited Operator, this is your best chance to get her—she won’t be in normal pools and will not be purchasable with yellow certs or in paid selector packs. In the future she should join the off-rate pool for “Carnival” Limited series banners and be sparkable after 300 pulls, but those are both low-chance and expensive propositions, so if you want her, now is the time.

Quick Overview

Spreadshooter Sniper

+ Usual archetype strengths: high base ATK, true AoE attacks, increased damage at a specific range

+ Her Physical DPS is off the charts

+ Skills use Ammo mechanic—no Skill duration is wasted by lacking enemies in range and her Skill downtime can be controlled because Ammo can be manually deactivated

+ E1 Talent gives her a chance to attack without consuming Ammo while her Skills are active; at E2, the Talent also affects other Sniper allies with Ammo Skills (albeit at a lesser chance)

+ E2 Talent increases her ASPD (one of the archetype’s weaknesses)

+ S1 increases her ATK for the next few hits and triggers her Trait’s bonus damage against all enemies within range, regardless of positioning

+ S2 increases her ATK and causes her attacks to leave a puddle of ooze that Slows enemies and reduces their DEF; can be Overcharged to increase its Ammo count when used

+ S3 increases her ATK and her attack range; causes her attacks to hit twice; causes her Trait’s bonus damage to apply to all enemies within range, regardless of positioning; and causes her attacks to leave a puddle of ooze that Slows enemies and reduces their DEF. It’s S1 + S2 + steroids and it is why Chalter is so stupidly powerful.

+ S3 has a pretty low SP cost, considering how powerful it is

- Usual archetype weaknesses: Slow ASPD, short attack range, high DP cost

Stalker Specialist

+ Usual archetype strengths: true AoE attacks, reduced enemy aggro, and 50% Physical/ Arts Dodge

+ When he attacks, his E1 Talent does bonus Arts damage to the enemy in his range with the lowest HP

+ E2 Talent increases his ATK when there is an enemy within range with less than half HP

+ S1 greatly increases the damage of his next attack (including his E1 Talent’s damage) and can hold multiple charges

+ S2 speeds up his attacks and causes his E1 Talent to affect an extra target + inflict Bind (and has pretty good uptime to boot)

+ S3 increases his ATK and attack range, while also causing his E1 Talent to affect two extra targets + inflict Stun

= Block-0 means he cannot take melee damage, but also means he can’t Block enemies

- Usual archetype weaknesses: Very slow ASPD, reducing DPS and frequency of crowd-control application

- Hybrid damage in Arknights is typically not very useful, as it is reduced by both DEF and RES

- While S2 has good uptime and Bind consistency, the Bind is limited to a maximum of 2 targets per attack, so other Stalkers may be better for crowd-controlling larger groups

- While S3 is active, if Mizuki hits fewer than 3 enemies with an attack, he loses HP (yes, this can kill him)

- S3’s uptime and Stun duration are not great, and the Stun is limited to a maximum of 3 targets per attack

Reaper Guard

+ Usual archetype strengths: Wide attack range for a melee unit (1x3); true AoE attacks; recovers HP for every enemy she hits, up to a cap of her Block count

+ A great cornerstone unit and lane holder, especially for her rarity

+ Talent increases her ASPD for every enemy she kills, up to a cap, and is usually easy to stack thanks to her strong AoE attacks

+ S1 causes her next attack to deal two stronger hits, healing her twice

+ S2 reduces her attack interval (so she can heal herself faster) and increases her ATK; her ATK is further increased against enemies with less than half HP

= Has Block-2, which is fine for actually Blocking but does limit her ability to heal herself

- Usual archetype weaknesses: Can't be healed directly (although regen does work)

- Mediocre base ATK, so she can have some trouble with high-DEF enemies

Ch'en the Holungday

Ch'en the Holungday E2

Ch’en was dragged along on vacation to Dossoles by her boss, Lady Fumizuki. The head of the Special Inspection Unit has hung up her swords and her work uniform in favor of a bikini and a squirt gun… but unfortunately for her enemies, she’s filled that squirt gun with some of the most powerful AoE Physical damage yet seen in Arknights. (Somehow. Don’t ask me to explain it, I just work here.)


Mizuki E2

Mizuki is just a sweet, innocent civilian boy (yes, boy) who was rescued from the riots in Dossoles while Ch’en was on vacation there. Yes, of course “sweet” and “innocent” are the right words to describe him. No, his background files weren’t made up to hide some kind of horrifying truth. No, there’s no reason why he’s not permitted to interact with other Aegir Operators. No, there definitely are no phantom tentacles lurking beneath him, ready to skewer you through the torso until you stop moving. Why do you ask?

La Pluma

La Pluma E2

La Pluma is the adopted sister of fellow Operator Tequila. She’s a quiet, scatterbrained kind of girl, and she’s not always the best at solving problems. This may be because her first reaction is chopping problems in half with her scythe. Having grown up in the middle of a war, La Pluma knows how to hold off large numbers of opponents all by herself, and she does it as Rhodes Island’s first Reaper Guard—mowing down foes by the bushel and draining their life force to heal herself as she does so.

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