Arknights: Should You Pull? Never Vowed: Mlynar

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Never Vowed: Mlynar

Should You Pull?

YES YES YES. Chalter levels of YES.

Did you think you knew what damage looked like in Arknights? Think again. Mlynar redefines burst damage in Arknights to a degree that hasn’t been seen since Surtr was introduced. He is one of the big banners we’ve been recommending to save up for, so this is the payoff for your patience.

As with all banners, a 5 or higher Operator is guaranteed in the first 10 rolls. Should you pull just for that? No. Proviso is easily replaced by 4 Podenco and Franka is generally outclassed by sources of Arts/ True damage. Pull for Mlynar or don’t pull at all (but seriously, do pull for Mlynar if you can, he’s a great unit).

Quick Overview

Liberator Guard

+ The highest Skill-based damage output currently available in Arknights

+ E1 Talent buffs his ATK when his Skills are active/ increases the buff when there are multiple enemies nearby

+ E2 Talent increases Mlynar’s Taunt level and causes all Kazimierz Operators to reflect a percentage of True damage back at enemies that damage them

+ S1 and S2 are strong, but don’t even matter compared to S3, which is a SilverAsh S3 with even higher damage output that also adds bonus True damage onto the attacks of Kazimierz Operators made within range

+ Good Skill cycle (fits perfectly into Gavial the Invincible’s Skill cycle, too)

- Usual archetype weaknesses: Cannot attack or Block unless a Skill is active

Duelist/ Dreadnought Guard

+ E1 Talent gives her a chance to ignore enemy DEF, so she can be good against high-DEF enemies

+ Talent activation chance is greatly increased by Skill 2

- Skill 2 also lowers her DEF to 0, making it a double-edged sword (haha)

- Note that Franka “ignores DEF” rather than “deals True damage,” so enemies like Lucian the Blood Diamond who have Physical Evade can avoid Franka’s hits even when her Talent activates

- Usually, Arts/ True damage are better ways to counter high-DEF enemies

Slower/ Decel Binder Supporter

+ Talent ASPD means more Slow uptime

+ Talent also grants ASPD to a random Kazimierz Operator (Mlynar, anyone?)

+ Very high Slow uptime with S1 + Talent

+ S2 is an AoE Slow + Silence, like Podenco but over a wider area

= High damage multipliers on Skills, but low base ATK

- Podenco is a cheaper way to combine Slow + Silence, with lower duration but more uptime


Mlynar E2

Mlynar, uncle to Margaret and Maria, has abandoned the Kazimierz Knight Circuit and removed himself from the public eye as much as possible. He had various motives for doing this, but if you told someone it was because he was banned for being too strong, they would surely believe it. Mlynar’s damage output is on such a staggering level that he has to stop attacking between his Skill uses just to give enemies a fighting chance.


Franka E2

Franka is a Dreadnought Guard who specializes in taking down high-DEF targets. Her Talent gives her a chance to ignore enemy DEF when attacking, and her Skill 2 greatly increases this Talent’s activation chance. Once that Vorpal Edge goes snicker-snack, heads are sure to roll.


Proviso E2

Proviso has a long history as a cutthroat lawyer, so her coworkers were quite surprised when she threw it all away to join Rhodes Island. For Proviso, however, this isn’t charity work: it’s finally getting a chance to do some good in the world. She doesn’t regret her decision at all, but your enemies certainly will when she locks them down with her Slow- and Silence-inducing legal expertise.

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