Arknights: Should You Pull? Revolutionary Symphony: Carnelian

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Revolutionary Symphony: Carnelian

The “Revolutionary Symphony” Banner included with the "Preluding Lights" event features the following Operators:

Featured Operators:

Rarity Operator
6★ Rate Up Carnelian - Modal Caster
5★ Rate Up Kirara - Controller Specialist
Cliffheart - Puller Specialist
4★ Rate Up Indigo - Charge Caster
  • 6★ Rate-Ups have a 50% chance of appearing when pulling a 6★
  • 5★ Rate-Ups have a 50% chance of appearing when pulling a 5★
  • 4★ Rate-Ups have a 20% chance of appearing when pulling a 4★
  • Operator Feature Banners do not add Operators to the Distinction shop
Test out your luck for this banner on our:[Revolution Symphony] Summon Simulator!

Should You Pull?

Probably not.

None of the Operators on this banner are especially powerful. Carnelian has good AoE Crowd Control and Arts damage, but her main roles can already be done as well or better by existing Operators (Eyjafjalla, anybody?) Cliffheart is handed to new players for free, Indigo’s kit doesn’t synergize well with her archetype (Charge Casters), and Kirara is tragically underpowered.

Players that don't have Eyja, or that are interested in crowd-control centric strategies (especially if they don't have Magallan), have the most to gain from potentially pulling Carnelian, and can give the banner more consideration.  Unfortunately, the other rate-ups will be very unhelpful for any account.  Also, a limited banner will be coming relatively soon that has an extremely strong Operator, so players will want to plan accordingly.

As with all banners, a 5★ or higher Operator is guaranteed in the first 10 rolls. Should you pull just for that? Definitely not. Neither Cliffheart nor Kirara is worth spending resources to obtain here.

Quick Overview

Modal Caster

+ Usual archetype strengths: Has DEF +200% and RES +20 while her Skills are NOT active, putting her on par with multiple Defenders

+ Attacks all enemies within her attack range while her Skills are active (“true” AoE)

+ Talent heals her every time she uses a Skill

+ S1 gives her a DEF bonus while active, and Charged S1 retains her Trait buff for the duration; this means that Charged S1 gives her pretty phenomenal defenses (plus a huge heal from her Talent), making this a great skill to support the Archetype’s role of “ranged tank”

+ S2 inflicts Slow, and Charged S2 inflicts Bind, giving Carnelian good AoE crowd control. With ASPD buffs (i.e., Aak), Charged S2 becomes unrivaled in its Bind uptime.

+ S3 has expanded attack range and ramps up damage throughout the duration; Charged S3 has even higher damage potential, absolutely destroying groups of enemies. It has a faster cycle time than most comparable skills, so it can be available more often.

+ Has pretty reasonable SP costs for her Skills

- For Skills to compete against the best available, they must be Charged, meaning they must gain twice the normal amount of SP. This leads to a slower first-time Skill activation than much of the competition and overall Skill charge times that are longer than they might appear to be at first glance.

- S3 damage ramps up over time, and the charged effect damage increase requires multiple hits per enemy to stack, making it take a relatively long time to reach its peak damage (if it ever does)

- S2 and S3 do not synergize well with her archetype’s strengths.  Activating these skills causes her to lose her massive survivability bonuses, making her extremely vulnerable if also trying to use her as a ranged tank.

Controller Specialist

+ Very slippery and hard to damage; has reduced aggro, and 50% Physical/ Arts Dodge

+ Regular attacks are ground-based AoE, hitting all targets within her attack range

+ Talent constantly regenerates her HP (the regen is increased if there are no allies adjacent to her)

+ S1 inflicts both Physical and Arts damage, and S2 deals Arts damage over time

+ Can survive well deep behind enemy lines and without support due to her high regen with Talent + S2, and the Dodge from her Trait

= Block-0 means she cannot receive melee damage, but also means she can’t Block enemies

- Usual archetype weaknesses: Very slow ASPD, which reduces overall DPS (and the charge time for S1, which has the [Attacking Enemy] SP charge type)

- Unimpressive damage from Skills

- Has no crowd control to keep enemies in her range for her slow attacks

- S1 inflicts hybrid damage; hybrid damage in Arknights is typically not very useful, as it is reduced by both DEF and RES

- S2 has terrible uptime

Pull Specialist

+ Pulls enemies, resulting in instant death, movement pattern changes, etc.

+ Skills can do ranged Arts/ True damage, so she hits harder than you might expect

+ Can be deployed on ground or ranged grids

- More expensive to level than lower-rarity Pull Specialists, but not significantly better in most situations to compensate

- Given to new players for free and, like most Operators, doesn’t benefit much from Potential boosts

- Welfare 6* Puller Gladiia was just available in the Under Tides event; she Pulls just as well as Cliffheart and has better incidental utility for non-Pulling maps

Charge Caster

+ Usual archetype strengths: Unusual attack range for a Caster, extremely high base ATK, “charges up” when not attacking to unleash a stronger hit later

+ Talent gives Indigo’s attacks a low chance to Bind the target

+ S1 turns her attack range into a long straight line for a few seconds and causes her to inflict many quick, weaker attacks over the duration; can be used to Bind multiple enemies, last-hit a weak enemy, or to quickly build up charges for a strong enemy

+ S2 makes Indigo’s attacks faster and more likely to Bind, and it also causes Bound enemies in range to take Arts damage over time; great for Binding multiple enemies quickly and/or increasing Indigo’s damage output noticeably for the duration

= Doesn’t attack Bound enemies; sometimes this is good (i.e., it allows her to more easily Bind multiple enemies or build charges) and sometimes it’s bad (i.e., she stops attacking an enemy she could kill, or a ranged enemy that keeps attacking her)

- S1 has a VERY short duration

= S1’s altered attack range can allow Indigo to hit enemies that other Casters wouldn’t, but it can also take important enemies out of her range

- Usual archetype weaknesses: VERY slow ASPD

- S2 has poor uptime 

- The low chance RNG nature of her Bind means that it cannot be relied upon, even with the increased ASPD of her Skills (especially with S1 because of the low duration)


Carnelian E2

Carnelian is Beeswax’s big sister, and the family resemblance is obvious. They look very similar, they share the same archetype, and they both use the magic of the desert to flay the skin from the bones of their enemies! As the big sister, however, Carnelian pushes herself to be stronger than Beeswax in order to protect her. With her ramping damage potential, high-speed crowd control, and special SP Charge mechanic to add bonuses to her Skills, there’s no question that Carnelian is putting her all into this endeavor.


Kirara E2

Kirara is a marathon MMO gamer who owes her extensive video game collection to teams of ninjas, who would smuggle the illegal electronics over the border into her hometown (no, we’re not kidding). How she translated her video game skills into “hitting enemies with anchors and harpoon traps” isn’t really clear, but it certainly serves as an example to anybody who thinks video games can’t teach you any applicable real life skills. Look out below!


Cliffheart E2

Cliffheart is a Pull Specialist, able to grab her enemies and yank them into deadly pits or other obstacles for one-hit-K.O.s. On any stage where such deadly pits exist, Cliffheart can be a powerful (and beautifully fluffy) ally.


Indigo E2

Indigo is the mysterious guardian of a mysterious lighthouse, and she conjures mysterious Arts effects from her mysterious jeweled scepter. Is anything about this pretty Pythia not a mystery?! Well, at least we know what her Originium Arts can do: they store up power over time, unleashing punishing blasts of energy that can disable the target’s nervous system, Binding them to the spot! Hmm, snakes, paralysis… anybody else seeing a Medusa parallel here?

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