Arknights: Should You Pull? Standard Banner: Eyjafjalla and Ifrit

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Eyjafjalla/Ifrit Banner Information

The Fourth Standard Pool Banner features 6★ Operators Eyjafjalla & Ifrit on rateup. This means there is a 2% chance of pulling a 6★ Operator and, if a 6★ is pulled, there is a 25% chance it will be Eyja, 25% chance of Ifrit and 50% chance of being a different 6★ Operator.

5★ Operators on rateup are Silence, Lappland, and Mayer.

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Should You Pull?


If you're here for a yes or no, here's your yes. Well, unless you already have the 6★ units.

A reminder that you should do Headhunt x1 until you pull a 5★ or greater, since one is guaranteed in the first ten rolls. Unless you're going in hard for Eyja or Ifrit, saving as much Orundum as possible is recommended.

Quick Overview

Single Target Caster

+ Hits multiple targets anyway

+ Relatively low DP cost (because she’s "single target")

+ Melts everything

+ The Caster you want

AoE Caster

+ Lowers enemy resistance

+ Can also lower defense

+ Amazing on maps with a long straight area

+ Passive SP gain

- HP loss with S3

Single Target Healer

+ AoE healing with the drone, basically anywhere on the map

+ Increases all healers’ heal speed

- You might already have her from the 5-star selector ticket

Ranged Guard

+ Causes Arts damage with 2nd Skill

+ Passive silences

Summon Specialist

+ Can blow up summons for burst damage and Stuns

- Requires you to play around her


Eyja E2

Eyjafjalla has amazing multi-target and single-target damage with the DP cost of a single-target caster. Her third skill has a long cooldown, but absolutely melts through enemies. Doesn’t need a long introduction, she's just the best.


Ifrit E2

Ifrit passively lowers the resistance of enemies in her range, and can also reduce defense by a flat amount with her 2nd skill. To top it off, she also has passive SP gain from her talent. A damage dealer who’s also a support, or a support that does damage? Either way, she destroys everything, turning long hallways into a barbecue.


Silence E2

Silence’s Medical Drone allows her to do the role of two healers. She’s a very good Single Target healer, and buffs the attack speed (heal speed) of all other healers as well. 


Lappland E2Lappland can do Arts damage, though it’s tied to her second Skill. She deals with armored enemies well and can disable enemy special abilities with her attacks, which helps greatly in harder content.


Mayer E2

Mayer has utility in blowing up her summons for AoE and a Stun. She synergizes with Perfumer, who can passively heal summons, and defensive units that can block. Mayer is outshined by the 6 stars on this banner, but she enables creative strategies and is also extremely strong.

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